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I decided to print a calendar...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MREVOX, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Forget it.

    Forget it.

  2. *EDIT*

    feeling guilty and I want Mr Evo to come back to NR.

    If you read this mate, just wanted to apologise, its silly of me to assume that people have thick skin.

    It really was quite a talented effort.

    It would be really nice if you come back, you always have some excellent points to make and add good depth to the religious debates.

    Don't let my douchebaggery deter you from contributing, you have been a great poster on this site.
  3. Bugger I missed it!
  4. Double bugger!
    Could've used a giggle
  5. The OP has requested his account be removed.

    Hope the giggle was worth it. Clowns!!!
  6. WTF? I didn't see anything.
  7. That's unfortunate.

    It was actually a very nice calendar. I wouldn't have minded having one hanging on the wall.
  8. From when I viewed it earlier, it was great camera work, and it produced a very good calender that if sold, would have made a good amount of money.

    Not4resale's comment should have been deleted, or this whole thread removed due to the OP asking for the account to be removed.

    Well done people.....
  9. I disagree, Not4resale was just picking up on one part of the post and trying to be funny, but I think the OP was probably already feeling a little sensitive as a result of the comments his friends had made and when he didn't get anything in the way of positive feedback basically cracked it and took his bat and ball and went home.

    Damn! I was probably amongst the first people to view the thread and the link to the calendar after he posted, and I should have made a comment then, but I wasn't in the mood at the time.

    MREVOX, if you are still reading this, I thought it was a very good effort - the only criticism I would make is that there were too many pictures of that weird succulent I can never remember the name of. And I would certainly give them to people for Christmas if I were you. Maybe even do some Christmas cards. Hell, you could even offer them for sale as grange suggested. Keep up the photography dude.
  10. Linky?!? :(
  11. It was posted on his me.com account, and he has removed access permission, so no linky.
  12. Damn. Google cache's expired too :(

    I hate missing things.
  13. Yer bugger I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
  14. Thought I'd come back to see this thread and get around to making the comment I meant to make when I first viewed it. Shame the OP has decided to delete it and his account over one stupid post.

    The photos were really very good and the calendar was something the OP was right to be proud of.

    Such a shame to see the outcome of this thread.
  15. It was some nice shots of individual plants and flowers including the weird succulent I can never remember the name of, some plumbago and some jasmine.

    As Bluesuede says, something the OP had every right to be proud of.

    Oh well, hopefully he's come back to look at the thread since or someone who knows him has let him know there were a few positive comments.
  16. :oops:

    oh man... sorry evo, wasn't trying to be mean.

    Hey mods is there any way i can contact him outside of NR?

    I really don't want my jostling to be the cause of one of the more intelligent netriders leaving.

    I feel terrible, he's actually a top bloke, i should really take into consideration that some of my jokes get taken a bit more seriously than they are intended to be....
  17. Pity, because good photography is always appreciated.
    NFR don't sweat it too much it may have been other issues that may have forced him off, I find it hard to accept anyone getting precious enough to leave because someone made some fun of their photography only.
  18. I like pikchars!
  19. Ah i think it was the compound of copping flak from all angles.

    Either way, i'd like to see him back, my posts are meant to be promoting the community aspect of NR not scaring them off. His posts are informative and his tragedies are always entertaining.