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i decided to get the k7 gsxr 1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by syd rs125, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Ok its time to upgrade just wanted to get some thoughts on what other people would go for if they were in my shoes.
    I have the oportunity to pick up a k7 gsxr 1000 from a mate at work who is desperate for cash as he is in a bit of debt the bike has 6000ks on the clock, is in excellent condition, jardine gp1 exhaust but has no rear seat cowling rego expires in sept he wants $12,000 but i think i could easily get him down to $11,000 or maybe $10,000.
    Other mate at work has a k6 gsxr 1000 with 21,000 ks on the clock is in good condition has pc III and yoshi exhaust, rear seat cowling but rego has expired he has to sell it quick and a shop has offered him $8,500 which he is going to accept. But i could grab it for the same price.
    Third mate at work just lost his licence for drink driving and has an almost new 08 model r6 completely stock for about $14,000 im not sure how many ks he's done but it wouldn't be more than 4000.
    I am upgrading from my aprilia rs125 which i have been riding for the past 4 years and have ridden dirt bikes when i was younger.
    Before anyone starts the flammings for wanting to go from a 125 to perhaps a 1000 i do plan on doing some advanced rider training and i have a reasonably sensible head on my shoulders i know its a huge jump in power and that is why i am also leaning towards the k7 gsxr 1000 because of the a,b,c mode on it i am thinking i should be able to put it in c mode untill i get confident enough with the bike to use it properly.
    whichever bike i get i plan on using it for weekends and the occasional track day i will not be commuting at all but do plan on taking the wife as pillion occassionally.
    I am also interested in the k6/k7 gsxr 750 but it doesn't seem worth it when i can get a 1000 for pretty much the same price or even cheaper.

  2. Get the cheaper 1000. Heaps of fun and you'll have less to lose if you throw it down the road.

    Plus, you'll never get sick of the power of the thou :cool:
  3. K6 Gixxer. The '07 update is widely considered to have been a step backward, or at least sideways.

    With a pipe and PCIII it's likely it has been properly fettled.

    And it's a lot cheaper for a bike one year older that at worst is at least as good as the K7.
  4. wouldnt swap my r6 for nothing so thats my choice, also think of rego and insurance costs as thou bikes tend to be pricey
  5. K6.

    R6 is most likely to handle closest to your RS125, but the gixxer is still a sweet handler.

    Go for bang for buck, get the K6, and spend the rest on some new gear and riding courses.
  6. K6 Gixxer thou, I've had mine 3 years from new, never had an issue with it, everytime I ride it I am totally amazed.

    I have ridden many bikes over the years having always worked in the industry, I have just decided to stick a few bling bits on it and keep it; it is still like new.

    In 45,000k's the shims have never needed to be adjusted.

    It is comfortable, handles great, and the power is so awesome, I can smoke most other riders on the road, 2 up, without going over 4,000rpm.

    The thing does power wheelies in the first 5 gears.

    Am I biased?...... shit yeah!
  7. the k6 needs new tyres front and back as well as insurance how much would that normally cost?
  8. $14000 for a second hand R6..... tell him he's dreaming :wink:

    We sell them brand new at work for that.
  9. Hmmm i might have made a mistake with the r6 price i will confirm it with him tommorow.
  10. K6 GSXR thou

    I've only heard good things about it. Bliming awesome engine. A mate that scraps his exhaust while cranked over (gotta to be a fast rider right? :p), reckons his with a PCIII power wheelies the 1st 5 gears (as Johnny-O) said

    that is absolutely LUDICROUS for a street legal road bike lol
  11. did ya have problems with the frame? apparenlty in the US they did a recall to brace it up.
  12. Lol can get them less new! People these days, gee! :LOL:

    I'd go the 8.5k gixxer personally. But I'd prefer the 750 for some reason.
  13. The K6 isn't registered so you have to do the re-rego stuff which can make it more costly to get back on the road
  14. Go the k6
  15. just went over with a mate of mine who knows alot more about bikes than i do.
    He took both the gsxr's for a ride and gave them both a good looking over.
    The k7 gsxr was a bit weathered for how new it was. When he took it for a ride he said it had no bottom end or midrange whatsoever said something about the jardine pipes not giving any back pressure or something. And the front felt really gittery. The chain was fairly slack as well.
    The k6 gixxer felt alot better the yoshi pipe is a full race system and it had alot more bottom end and mid range power as well. He said the gear box felt a little notchy but it wasn't bad for 21000 km.
    So now comes the hard part i have to convince the wife to let me buy this bike before the end of the week.
  16. Just picked up the k7 gsxr 1000 last night. I wanted to get the k6 but the bloke dogged me and decided not to sell it.
    I bargained the bike down to $10,000 and am extremely happy with my new stallion.
    I was crapping my pants the first time i took it for a test ride going from an rs125 to this monster had me thinking i was going to give it a little bit of throttle and i would launch at 200kmph down the road on my back wheel. Also the fact that it was raining had me a little more worried.
    How wrong i was this bike is an absolute softy when ridden in the lower part of the rev range. I truly believe that it was not only easier to ride than my aprilia but also alot safer. More stable, more torque, more power, and an extremely predictable throttle.
    I tried the a,b and c modes but found it seemed to be a bit of a gimmick i just leave it in A mode now.
    I went for a ride to Cronulla today with a couple of friends to get a feel for the bike and asked my mates to keep the pace slow so i wouldn't get myself into any trouble. Predictably they hooned off at a million miles an hour so i stayed back and took my time.
    First thing i noticed is how bloody loud the GP1 pipes are!!! if you like loud these are the pipes to get down low they have a nice deep bellow but get the revs past 6000rpm and the bellow turns into a wailing banchee louder than god. Seriously it hurt my ears and my shoei helmet is usually pretty quiet i am definately going to need a good set of ear plugs.
    Second thing is you don't realize how fast you are actually going being a much heavier and more stable bike than the aprilia 120km/h feels like 80.
    The brakes seemed a little weak compared to the rs125 however again the weight is a huge difference i think some braided brake lines are going to be the first things on the shopping list.
    At first i thought the steering was really heavy but once i got going the bike seems telepathic just think where you want to go and the bike starts leaning and stays super stable. Should be able to properly test the handling tommorow if its dry i'll take it to the national park.
    So far i'm absolutely stoked with my new pride and joy. I'll post some pics tommorow.
  17. Sweet. Let us know how it goes. Am looking at making the move to a 'big' bike soon, and although its a massive jump, the Gix1000's just seem like better value for money.
  18. You got a K7 gsxr1000 with 6000km on the clock for $10k? That's a bargain!

    Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of modern superbikes. I can't imagine anyone who could get on one of these machines and be disappointed.
  19. That is a great buy, congrats. Jealous as hell!

    Remember what your mate said about the low-mid range with the Jardines, it may not have been tuned for them, which might explain why it feels like a "softy" - someone else more familiar with big bike power might describe it as fluffy instead. Consider getting it on a dyno and having the injection tweaked. Then again, might be good to have it "soft" for a while as you get used to it!

    Until then, enjoy!
  20. seems soft down low but once she gets past 6000rpm takes off like a thousand raped apes.
    Can't post pictures i keep getting re directed.