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I dare you to ride one of these...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by FUTURE, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Come on guys. Who would be seen riding this????


  2. Two point's in its favour.

    1) It's prettier than any Australian built trike I've yet seen (but then, I've seen prettier road accidents than the average Australian built trike. Sorry to be a whingeing Pom but I calls it as I sees it).

    2) It's the right way round.
  3. If it comes in black with a cork soul and heel, I'm there, already got the shoes to match!! :LOL:
  4. why not hang a parachute out the back as well!!
    the drag co-efficencies would have to suck big time on that thing.
  5. Elton John's Trike
  6. looking for cinderella.....
  7. Not too bad as long as it comes with p l e n t y of champagne :grin:
  8. the woman in red or the woman in white?

  9. Great view from the pillion seat! :grin:
  10. Sorry... but I'd feel like a heel riding that. :LOL:
  11. And it comes with its own oil leaks.
    Do they come in a wide fit?
  12. it has to be the sole one of it's kind :roll:
    (unless there's a matching left footed version)