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i crashed today.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by trolley, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. spent the day riding the old pacific high way. on my last run for the day took a long left hander at about $1.10. coming out of the corner got hit by a wall of glare, couldnt see how close the next corner was until it was too late. looking at the footage now i probably could have saved it if i was harder on the brakes and tipped in real hard?. oh well live and learn

    just want to give a big shout out to everyone who stopped and helped me pull the bike out of the bushes and make sure i was ok. was very much appreciated.

    just kicking my self now.

    enjoy the video.

    open to all feedback so please go nuts.
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  2. More like $1.20 bro :p And bugger about the crash mate! How'd she fair out of it?

    Have you ridden that road before?
  3. Ouch! Glad you're ok mate.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  4. Hi,

    Glad you are ok.

    How's the bike?

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. ouch....that was some nasty glare. Good to see you got out in one piece!

    I would say you could have braked and tipped it in...but I don't know the road. Target fixated?
  6. Well, that could have ended a lot worse....

    Think you probably could have saved that but easy for me to say from the safety of my couch.
  7. Looks like you managed to walk away ok so that's a big plus. Yay for road-side bushes.

    Hope you're back on the road quickly
  8. When it's bright I keep a good eye on the shadows on the road. It gives you a lot of warning before you get blinded.

    You can see you roll off the throttle as you hit the glare, while you can see it coming about 4 seconds earlier. Of course this is very easy to see in retrospect and I'm being hypercritical. It's very easy not to expect it especially if you have been protected from the glare for a while.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  9. Wow i cringed watching that when you went off into the trees...

    all i can say and it is probably not even going to help your situation, is that i am glad you walked away uninjured (sort of) and it didn't end up worse..

    sorry to see your misfortunes here and hopefully you pull through and the bike is either fixed or replaced, and you're back on the roads again mate.
  10. ouch! That's nasty bloody glare alright.

    Have you got a sunax in your helmet? That's the only thing I can suggest that might help you prevent it next time. http://www.sunax.com.au/
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  11. glad n hope youre ok, prettty flowers but you ARE allowed to buy from florists!
    I had an off alot slower a while back, VERY easy to say 'you could have saved it' I had the same comment thrown at me, and at that time if were more experienced I could have, what we see on this clip is not what you copped in the eyes!! So to say you did wrong would be not a good statement!! Glad you're ok, hope the bikes not too chagged, get back on ASAP, as others have asked, is this a new road to you?
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  12. What lotto numbers are you going with this week?? ;)
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  13. this was my 3rd time on this road.
    i walked away fine. just light scratching and bruising from the knees down. i copped a branch to the neck so that will probably bruise up.

    i probably did target fixate a bit. but with out all the glare im sure i could have made it.
    ill look over all my footage and see if my line and speed was any different.

    bike was surprisingly fine, completely smashed the front mud guard, and then its just cracked the fork covers and scratched the screen and head light cover. no serious damage beyond that though(christ knows how).

    and this crash hasn't scared me off in the slightest. i will be back out there asap.
  14. That's great to hear mate. All you can do from this is live and learn. At least you'll know you need to relax a little bit during the glare! :wink:
  15. i think i will definitely be giving these ago, thanks for posting that up.
  16. Mate I was one of the guys who came down from PITS, along with sbb and popeye from this forum, to drag your bike out.

    I must say, looking at the bike (and where it was) and then looking at you I did not believe you were the rider. You were ****ing lucky my friend! Missed that tree by cm's.

    And to walk away injury free and with perhaps $100 of damage to your bike is a massive, MASSIVE, win.

    Grab yourself a beer and analyse what happened really hard - you got off, but make sure it makes you a better rider. It can't do anything but to be honest.

    Glad you're ok - **** me I still can't believe you embedded yourself that far into the bushes and walked out!


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  17. yep im still trying to work out how i didnt hit that tree.
    can't thank you and all the other guys that helped out enough.
    makes me proud to be a biker knowing people i've never met before will go out of there way to help a downed rider.

    thanks a tonne
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  18. And just to add my two penneth to the 'what to do differently next time thoughts' - remember this saying.....

    'if in doubt, gas it out'.

    The whole glare thing is one thing - but it looks like you were rolling over to the right even when in the glare so you knew the corner was there?

    Then when you get out of the glare you realise the corner is perhaps a little tighter than you thought?

    Then you go '****, I'm not going to make that' - so sit it up and eat bush (snigger).

    Your bike would have made that corner no probs if you dug in and got on the gas, but you shit yourself. I guess it's a confidence thing - maybe.

    Anyway - not having a go at all, just my take on looking at the corner when we were there and now seeing your vid.

    Remember -

    1. Thank your lucky stars
    2. Buy a lottery ticket
    3. Have a beer (or three)
    4. Analyse
    5. Become better rider.


  19. Buggar,I am not going to give you grief,we all have or will be there at some time.Time to have a sit in the room of mirrors and think about what and why it happened.Just have to say in the Skiing world shit tends to happen on the last run of the day.
  20. yeah .. husky motard dude turned up at pie in the sky and grabbed us to come down to help out. was preparing for the worst.

    you were freaking lucky! i thought you might have slowed a bit first and was why there was practically no damage .. but appears not :)

    so just like on mtbs .. lantana continues to be awesome crash barrier!

    i think a few things in the video were happening before the glare hit that those were more of the problem ;) and glare ... happens all the time .. just gotta ride it out ..

    apart from being lucky there was another positive .. i got to talk motards with those guys ;) rare to find so many fellow motarders

    oh and (long story) you kinda, but not really, owe us all a coffee ;)

    glad to hear you are ok!!!!!!!

    ps: luckily the bike is easy to get out, not like the fire brigade having to turn up to extract a car we saw half way up an embankment an hr earlier.