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I crashed guys.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roar2Life, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. I think these past few hours i've looked something like this: :oops: :evil: :facepalm: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Well it happened like this. I'm riding my GPX on my way to soccer training and I go to pull into the local sportsgrounds and the entrance is lots of dirt and gravel. I was going about 20-30km/h and I think what happened was I just hit it on the wrong angle. My own stupid fault. I was kinda merging off the main road into the drive.

    Anyway, the main priority was the bike. Snapped indicator, scratched left hand fairing and muffler, possible slightly bent gear lever and the fairing on the right hand side seems slightly depressed where it lines up against the other fairing.

    As for me i've got a bruised knee and elbow and an even bigger bruised ego. There was a nurse following me who stopped to check I was ok and a couple of the guys picked the bike up for me. Luckily it was still rideable.

    I got stuck behind a cop car at two sets of traffic lights but thankfully they didn't notice my indicator missing. My gloves got a bit of gravel rash but at least I know they do their job.

    I feel like a total knob. All my friends are going to say "we told you so". :cry: Pretty upset right now. My bike looked practically new...not quite so now.
  2. Glad you're ok dude. :grin:

    Don't worry about the battle scars on the bike. :wink:

    Those scratches are just love marks..., kinda like hickies. :grin:
  3. woohoo another gpx cristened.

    sorry, r2l just trying to make light of the situation.

    you've done well to go this long b4 dropping it. took me all of 3 days :oops: :) if you're going up any kerb/driveway etc it's always best to hit it straight as possible (close to 90º) also keep your eyes forward and chin up, looking down at the kerb means your bike will want to go there.

    now you're a true rider. ;)
  4. Just tell everyone it was like that when you got it. :)
  5. We've all bruised our egos at some stage or other; your's will heal quickly.
  6. glade to see your ok.

    you can wear the scrapes as battle scares :)
  7. That sucks mate. Glad you aren't too hurt. It's pretty much part of the learning curve. Happens to everyone at some point or another.

    Just analyse what went wrong and then get back on the bike. Learn from the mistake. You'll be a better rider for it. I wouldn't worry about what your friends say either - you had the guts to get on a bike in the first place.
  8. My sympathies to you and your machine but at least you both were able to get up and ride away. A lesson learnt the hard way. I know. I did much the same thing some years back and now I am much more careful about braking in places where gravel is likely.
  9. sometimes we seem to have to learn lessons that harder way......

    but i'm glad you are ok r2l and that the bike isn't too badly damaged.....
  10. Those little gravel patches at slow speed corners suck.

    I've high sided in twisties, clipped a van at 80 while splitting and slid along the road between vehicles on my chest but the only time I've ever had to go and get stitched up was after a low speed washout in gravel at the top of my girlfriends street while ducking down to the corner shop.

  11. Congratulations!

    You did a Krashtulu!

    Welcome to the fold :grin:
  12. i like this fella's way of thinking.
  13. Sorry to laugh mate but it is a classic stack, most of us have done it and survived to be laughed at.

    Thanks dog you are OK, the bike well she looks a bit tougher now :cool:
  14. Glad to know you're OK
    If your mates were real mates - they would wait until you started to joke about it and then laugh with you.....but sadly this will not be the case....It's all fun and games until some one get's hurt................then it's f%^king hilarious.

    Been there myself and my mates and I still have a good laugh about it.

    Still now you've been christened :grin:
  15. Yeah, try not to worry about it. My baby's got some "swoosh" marks from sliding along the ground. I claim it makes it look like I'm going really fast, even at a stand-still! :LOL:

    As for how quickly you did it - I dropped mine the 1st time within 2hrs, which isn't so uncommon apparently. It's like starting on a pushy - ya fall off. It's funny, I know non-riders who look down on my (mega low speed) drops and how risky it is, yet they're always falling of their pushies in the mountains causing themselves far more damage :roll:

    As for what to do next time? Yes, try to go onto the gravel at a right angle, and try to have done pretty much all your braking before you leave the sealed stuff, and then just roll and rear brake.
  16. so what did they tell you? that you would learn a lesson and have a bloody great time?
    If not then they told you nothing.
    You put it down, you got it back on you moved on.
    Can they say the same?
  17. Big +1, most importantly you learnt and you're all right.
  18. Well at least you got the dropping the bike out of your system. :wink: The main thing is you are okay and the bike can be fixed. Don't worry about your mates, they don't know what they are missing out on. :grin:
  19. Unfortunately...no one is safe from these mishaps...the longer you go without one, the higher the percentages are that you will have one.

    The bruised pride will help you remember it far more accutely for your riding future, so while it feels bad now...there is a lesson to be learned from it all. ( I hate saying that, but it it's true). :)

    Chin up, and you'll be better prepared for the next time. :grin: