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I crashed... bad

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by GunstarHero, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. It's been almost a month since it happened, 2 weeks in hospital.
    Story is a simple and stupid one,
    A friend wanted to buy a bike, since he had no license yet he asked me to test ride, I was quite happy to do it.
    I got out of the car with my helmet and gloves in hand, I was offered to take it for a spin, so I hopped on and started her up.
    Now the stupid thing, I realise my jacket is still in the car, I ask my friend to grab it, but then said "oh nah, don't worry I'm just going up the street"
    From here things are blurry, all I remember is the road conditions surprising me(don't remember how/why, just the feeling) and the back wheel locking up, and the last image in my head is the fence I went into.
    which brings me to the other stupid thing, normally the first thing I do on a new bike is get a feel for the brakes, this time I just jumped on and took off.
    As a side note, my brother went back to the crash site with my friend later that day, what they found was bits of snake all through my skid mark and the 2 dead browns tangled up in the barbwire fence where I had hit it.
    I like to think I made the 1 in a million mistake of skidding on a snake but I really don't know what happened,

    Next... I woke up. It's taken me a fair while to piece together this memory so it may not be accurate, it's just what I remember.
    I was seriously confused, could not remember where I was or how I got there, I concluded I was dreaming, until the pain kicked in.
    It hurt to breathe, my whole body was just aching and left my arm just would not work.
    I was trapped, tangled up in the fence with the bike on my leg, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get out (now I'm claustrophobic, oh joy) and I blacked out again.
    Somehow I eventually got my leg out, then ripped my pants away from the fence with the last kick I could muster, and out I went again.
    The final time I woke up I dragged myself forward a little and managed to stand up(really stupid to get up, I know, but my head was just all over the place and all I could think about was getting back to my friend)
    After taking the first step I realised my arm was broken, it was just dangling about brushing my body with every step. After a short while my back couldn't take it any more and I had to sit down.
    I drifted away again until a passing car woke me, after passing me he slammed his brakes on when he saw the bike, he reversed, hopped out and asked if I was okay.
    I somehow communicated that my friends were just up the road, luckily he knew the house and raced up there to get them.
    They came speeding down to me, I asked them to help me into the car(another mistake, they wanted to call an ambulance but I thought it'd be quicker to drive) and my mate took me to the hospital.

    Everything in the first hospital is blurry, I just remember snippets, like my catheter getting put in(worst thing ever), blood being put into me and a few people standing over my head talking to me.
    A doctor woke me and said "your life is still in danger, you've ruptured your kidney and spleen, we can't treat you here so we're gonna get you to another hospital asap"
    Next thing I remember is being loaded into the ambulance, during the ride, some idiot pulled out infront of us when the lights and sirens were going so the driver had to slam on the brakes and I nearly slid off the bed.

    Finally the next day things were getting clearer, I was in ICU, communicating (and abusing morphine), at this stage I finally knew the extent of my injuries.
    Broken humerus, broken collarbone, fractured T9 vertebrae, fractured vertebrae in neck, lacerated kidney and spleen, punctured lung, bruised ribs, decent concussion and damaged radial nerve, possibly damaged brachial plexus.
    The neck and back injuries are why it was dumb to get up and walk, you're supposed to stay still when you're in loads of pain.
    Now I have titanium in my arm, a stent in my kidney, a tube in my penis (for at least another week yet) a neck brace and a splint on my arm.
    The worst is the arm, the nerve damage means I just cannot move it, I can barely wiggle my fingers, they said it will take anywhere from 3 to 12 months to heal, if it heals, I may need more surgery yet(a specialist in Sydney wants to see me and managed to slot me in next month, very grateful, hopefully he can help)
    So it'll be a long time before I can ride again, and I just bought a new motorcycle that morning(1976 rd250, my goal is to have her ready to ride by the time I've healed)

    Anyway I'll end my story there as the hospital bits would be pretty boring to read about.
    Oh, but I learnt that the accident made me claustrophobic... in the MRI machine, I freaked the hell out, worst experience of my whole hospital stay.
    My helmet copped a decent blow, and seems to be what broke my collarbone, my draggin jeans saved my legs from the barbwire but they're fairly torn up, I'll never leave my jacket off ever again.
    Here's some pictures, since most of my injuries are inside they aren't very impressive to look at but I felt like sharing this awful experience, thanks to anyone who took the time to read.
    helmet. hospital1. hospital2. scar.

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  2. Faarken ell!

    You are a hard barstard even getting up and walking as far as you did!
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  3. You need to work a bit more on that story with the brown snakes - there's a good tale in that for the campfire and eventually the grandkids.

    Seriously best wishes, hope things start to look up for you. And the RD should give you something to focus on through the recovery. I've been through the 1mm a day nerve regrowth wait and come out the other side - it does happen ;)

    They sent you home with a catheter!? Things have got tough in hospitals
  4. Jeez, what a horror. Get well buddy. More power to you.
  5. Thanks guys,
    BjpittBjpitt I think I was just too stubborn to accept that I was hurt.
    As for the catheter paulbrpaulbr by the time the 2 weeks were up, my kidney was the only thing stopping me from recovering at home, so they asked if I thought I could handle the leg and night bags and gave me a big ol' lesson on how to look after everything. and yeah the nerve recovery is terrifying.
  6. Wow, good luck with the recovery, having a plan to restore the new bike is a great positive thing to be planning. I think your barbed wire experiance has a distinct effect on the claustrophobia reaction you had. My bet is post traumatic stress. I get it with a fear of heights after a far from pleasant experience I had once,before that experience zero effects re hights,now my skin crawls. The mind is a powerful thing. You should look into this a bit.What colour RD,mine was poo brown 1975.
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  7. #7 Jeffco, Oct 26, 2015
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    Mate Im with BjpittBjpitt you are one tough cookie.

    All the best for your recovery
  8. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery and looking forward to photos of the RD
  9. Get better as quickly as you can, and do everything the medical staff tell you, they do know best.
    Where about in NSW are you, might be able to pop in and see you if its doable...??
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  10. Mate, that sucks big time. Hate to ask the obvious, but assume someone was out of pocket for the bike too? :-(

    Hope you heal as good as new.
  11. Ugh, that's terrible luck, sorry to hear about it. Wish you the best of luck with the nerve damage recovery.

    "Snakes cause horror motorcycle crash" sets a high bar btw. Our crash accounts will all sound a bit dull from now on.
  12. Mate - what a blow. Hope your recovery is quick. Took out 2 brown snakes ey. Hell of a story. I guess you can always take comfort in "if you think I'm bad - you should see the other guy" ;) Get well soon.
  13. Hope you have a speedy recovery....thanks for sharing your story
  14. A sad story, you toughed it out but probably delayed your recovery so that's a reminder to us all. Sounds like a while before you will be mobile again. All the best for a full recovery. Post up to say how you are going.
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  15. Mate that is really terrible news, but you're able to talk about it. As for being a tough bastard I second third fourth and fifth that. I only broke 5 ribs and had a small fracture on a knee and elbow laid in the middle of the road whining like an old diff with no oil. Here's to a speedy and full recovery take it easy and as hornethornet said listen to the advice from medical staff. All the best mate.
  16. Bloody hell -- very happy you're alive. Definitely makes all our crashes seem dull by comparison! Hoping you make a full recovery, especially with the arm. Let me know if you're in the John Hunter, as a recently-released prisoner, I can tell you about the secret "bacon" menu. ;)

    All the best with your recovery, be sure to let us know how it goes.
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  17. New road safety slogan "Excessive Brown Snakes Causes Accidents?
  18. That's an incredible story and I agree that you're made of sterner stuff.

    Reminds me of when I test rode a horse for a friend. Bareback, no helmet, feeling a bit bullet proof. I won but it was close. Rode back in with a broken rib.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  19. Sorry to hear mate, bet wishes for a full and speedy recovery...

    What bike was it?
  20. Get well soon mate. Can't get much more Aussie than crashing on snakes:D.

    Whilst I can't recommend crashing without a jacket on, given the severity of your injuries I'd be very surprised if the presence or absence of a jacket in your particular crash would have made more than a smidge of difference either way. A bit of arrmour might have helped reduce the impact injuries a bit, but once you're up at the sort of crash energies required to rupture internal organs and break bones badly enough to require pinning it's really all just fiddling around at the edges of the odds.
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