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I crashed at just under 100km/h on the Eastern Freeway today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by evader, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Riding to work, traffic slows ahead, I look slightly to my left for a gap to change lanes in to, when I look back to make sure things are still slowing down, the car in front of me was at an almost complete stop.

    I think he didn't notice the traffic slowing, realised and stood on the brakes.

    I grabbed the front brakes, my tyres and brakes are new (got them fitted Saturday at High Octane and clocked 300km's up on them Sunday through Bacchus Marsh), the road was wet, and I'd only been on the bike for 5 minutes from Burke Road and was just past Chandler Hwy. It was about 8:45am.

    The front locked up, but it didn't matter anyway, I was going to hit him. I aimed to the left corner of his car, hoping I'd just miss him, but I didn't. The front wheel lock up was already pulling me down to the left too.

    I smashed in to the rear of his car, went over and to the left. Tumble, tumble, slide, slide... Look for oncoming cars as I'm sliding. Got straight up, walk over to the grassy divider of the eastern then realise I'm no longer wearing shoes or gloves.

    Instantly (while I was still seeing stars) 3 cars and a biker pulled over. Bike took off soon as he saw I was getting plenty of help. Two blokes in a work sort of truck had my bike off the road, and a chick that said she did the same thing 6 months ago was checking on me.

    The guys with the truck retrieved my shoes and gloves from the freeway, I was fine, eventually took my helmet off when I decided my neck didn't hurt. My knees where burning... so sore.

    They were really helpful and thanks so much if you happen to see this.

    The bloke I hit was nice enough and we just swapped details. All he kept saying was sorry, didn't see me, had nowhere to go - which I think is fairly good considering I hit him from behind. I do still think his concentration lapse started the event...

    I was wearing helmet, gloves & jacket as usual... but standard jeans and shoes. I have boots at home, just didn't put them on this morning. My left knee has full thickness skin loss, lots of road and some denim in it. It's so deep that it didn't hurt much when they cleaned it at the hospital as there is no nerves. Right knee is burnt and grazed. No road in it I can see. Gear lever went through my shoe somehow and put a big graze/cut on my foot. Elbow's a bit sore. I'm sure the bruising tomorrow will be huge.

    The guys in the truck offered me a ride, or ambulance etc... And just waited with me for a bit till I was feeling OK. I decided if the bike was running I'd continue on in to the city slowly, drop the bike off at work and get the tram up to the Royal Melbourne.

    Luckily they had some tools and straightened out my gear lever as my foot had flattened it during the crash. My clutch lever is ground down, left side fairings are all screwed and part of the back end tail fairings are in my backpack. Slightly bent left handlebar. Spongey feeling brakes. Indicators and headlight is out.

    While I was sliding a few cars locked it up, swerved... Could have been worse. Literally could not be writing this if it went slightly differently. Pretty scary. Happened so fast, but I knew it was happening too.

    I took it nice and easy in to the city. Got Xrays (no breaks on my knees or the foot!) and cleaned up at the hospital and now I'm back at work wearing my shorts... that used to be jeans this morning till the hospital cut them off me!

    The hospital staff were so good and thanks again to the people that stopped to help or check on me.

    Some pics attached, more soon.


    Attached Files:

  2. Holy crap dude.
    Considering you came off wearing just standard jeans and shoes at just under 100km/h you got out of that ok.
  3. most importantly; How's the bike?
  4. Woops. Ya goose! Could you have seen it coming if you were looking further up the road?

    Hope you heal up quick with no complications. Don't stress about the bike, you'll get it fixed in time.
  5. Super glad you're (relatively) OK!

    What sort of gloves were you wearing and why do you think they came off?
  6. I'd say you got off pretty easy. Could of been a hell of a lot worse at those speeds and on the freeway :shock:

    Glad to hear you Ok though. Go buy a lotto ticket ;)
  7. Bikes OK - details in my post mostly.

    Gloves are Dainese Hellracer's. I had them velcro'd over my jacket instead of under because it was cold? I don't use the little strap they have, just the velcro that's above the wrist.

    I think I got out of it almost as good as humanly possible for that speed, and peak hour freeway.

  8. wow, glad to hear you only came out of this with those injuries.......reckon you might be a bit sore tomorrow.....hopefully it's a speedy recovery
  9. Glad to hear you are OK, and thanks for posting the details. If it helps somebody else (or even you) avoid a stack in the future then your post has done us all a favour.

    I hope your knees heal up soon, and that your bike is sorted out quickly too.
  10. well you go that out of the way! Rubber side down man
  11. Ouch!
    Thanks for posting the pictures.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  12. Jebus that first pic looks bad... Glad you walked away from it.
  13. Geeze I was expecting the worst reading the title but it seems you faired reasonably well. Hope you heal up quickly. Did they give you anything for possible infection? Burn type injuries are worse than broken bones imo.

    Interesting about the gloves - I'll definitely get a new pair of summer gloves with larger gauntlets/fasteners now.
  14. Thanks for the comment about the gloves.

    Message to self - always use the thin velcro around the wrist.
  15. hey evader I hope your not in too much pain right now. I was actually driving past on the opposite side of the freeway and slowed in the left lane to see if you were ok then I saw the bike upright and everyone standing so I kept going. My stomach always sinks when I see this kind of thing on the freeway and felt guilty I couldn't help. I was 4 lanes and a divider away and didn't want to risk an accident on this side so I continued with my journey. Hope you heal up in no time.
  16. Just a flesh wound. You'll be right.
  17. Looks like you dodged a bullet today mate. You'll be up again in no time.

    And go home! If ever there were an A1+ reason to take the rest of the day off work it's this!
  18. only reason they came off, as OP stated, he didnt use the thin wrist strap, only the main gauntlet velcro, which was still over the jacket so probably still open wider than his hand. thus they came off.

    what shoes were you wearing mate?? it concerns me you say shoes, and not boots, as in properly designed motorbike boots. hopefully you'll now go out and buy some good quality motorbike specific gear, and save your skin for next time.

    you're lucky it was wet, thats the only reason your jeans held up so well, minimal friction. dry road, and you'd be enjoying plenty of skin grafts.

    glad you are relatively ok! hot bath tonight, keep the knees out of it though :p have fun feeling generally sore tomorrow, and heal quick :]
  19. Yeah I mentioned I think in my first post, didn't put my boots on this morning. Bad habit I got in to for work... Protective gear only up top. Sunday I did 300km out through Bacchus Marsh etc... had bike pants and boots on that day, I guess I thought my chance of this happening was minimal and it made going to work on the bike easier I guess. My knees are telling me I'm wrong now...
  20. Thanks all by the way. Hope I heal up quick too. Just got a call from High Octane... this post made it over to them, thought they'd check if I'm OK. Good blokes.