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I crashed and Mr Concrete hurts. WARNING PICS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pokiou, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Yup me 2. Not like i wanted to be part of the exclusive club but hey it happens.

    Going down Albert road in Preston and as i approached the corner of plenty road the front end of the motorbike slided away from.. there was nothing i can do.. sent me and the bike to the ground very very fast(as i fell fast i wasn't speeding)

    i think i was out for like 1-2 minutes as i don't remember much but an ambulance came and took me and so forth had xrays and there is no soft tissue damage, just lots of skin burn.. thank god for the new helmet and jeans and jacket :D

    anyways bike is fine nothing new flaring cant fix..

    I ain't gonna let this stop me riding but i think i need to wait till im 100% better before i ride again.


    P.S. Sorry im hairy :p

  2. jeez, man, news we didn't need. Thank goodness for good gear, and wise that you had a medical checkup, specially after being knocked out. Heal quick and get back on it, eh?
  3. bummer mate, any ideas what caused your off. If you know what caused it you can learn from it! Glad you're ok bikes can be replaced people can't!
  4. Pokiou, glad you're okay. There WAS something you could have done about it, you just haven't yet worked out what it was. Ease back into it and well done on the 'good gear'.
  5. Hey, Poki. Sorry to hear of your off. Things can sure happen with very little warning. Hope you and your bike and all better in no time. Don't want to miss too much summer riding!
  6. What Pinxie said ^^^^^^

    Glad you are okay though :)
  7. What crusingal said ^^^^^^

    Glad you are okay though :)
  8. lazy bugger lol

    good 2 hear ur fine, get up get on n learn from it
  9. Well at least you gave Mr Concrete a good old tradition Scottish head-butt then!

    Hopefully he won't mess with you again! :)
  10. I gave the conrete a big head but, im sure i scared him to :p . Now that i have layed down heaps the pain is really bad i feel like some one is stabbing me constantly.. :(

  11. Goes without saying, but bad to hear about your off.

    If you were knocked out, your brain will most like have a bit of bruising/swelling. Don't be surprised if you have a severe headache for a couple of days or more. :(

    Do you know if you were the only vehicle involved?
    ...and just out of interest, what helmet were you wearing?

    Take care Pok.
  12. Yea i was the only vehicle.

    helmet is a KBC vr2 shadow chrome helmet... awesome helmet

    jacket was the motoline jacket.

    i cant stress about the helmet. i could say that it saved me from major damage..

    and yea headache is next to nothing atm .. just body pain as i have skin pealing :p

    the visor didnt even break... just got all scratched up..

    the outter shell has a small peal on it to...

    i wont wear it but for sure im gonna buy the same one if i can find it :D :p

  13. I couldn't do a ^^^^, however, ditto on what the others said. Not happy to hear you had the fall, but glad you have come through it. be interested to know how you lost the front wheel traction. Heal well and fast.
  14. Likewise, glad to hear you are ok.....pitty that you don't know what happened, as that makes learning from it hard
  15. Bummer about the off Pokiou but glad to hear you're ok.

    Also thanks for helping me make up my mind up for my choice in a new helmet. The VR2 was one of the ones I've been looking at. Unfortunately you can't really 'test' them before you buy them.
  16. Ice-pack for swelling.

    Heat-pack for soreness/stiffness.

    Nurofen/Ibuprofen/Brufen are all pain killers that combine an anti-inflammatory too which will help the pain and the the cause of it [damaged muscle & tissue] much better than standard paracetamol.

    You'll also want to get a sponge-bath from a hot girl... it helps :grin:
  17. did you maybe slide on the tram tracks?

    good to hear you are ok and bike also :)
  18. Sorry to hear of your off Poki,

    Shame you cant remeber why as like said before there would be the chance to learn from it.

    Glad your not hurt anymore than you are,it could have been much different.

    Heal well
  19. Well to be 100% honest i dont remember the falling over all i know is the front end sliding me saying this is it shit.

    i was travelling in the middle of the lane and the major thing i remember is saying hmm little slippery as thre was some oil .. i mean im never one to speed or do stupid stuff on a bike :(

  20. Ewwwww dude! There are pics now! :p

    I had a similar patch of pizza-base on me when I had my stack.

    You may want to grab from the chemist a thing called "Liquid Bandage".
    Slight pressure from the Q-tip can hurt when you're applying it the first time, but it's redeeming features are:

    - it lets the wound breathe, dry out, and then heal.
    - you don't have to pull it off [ouch!] it just dissolves and you reapply.
    - it's cool [gel] and soothing.
    - it isn't held by tape or rigid, so you have increased movement of that area without upsetting your dressings.
    - it's clear, so you don't have to pull a bandage off to show everyone your cool battle-injuries! :grin:

    It gets my recommendation.
    A++ Would use again... but hope I never have to...