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I cracked a fat

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tracecon, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Well I stuck the ag bike in the shed, stuck the L's on the 650 cruiser and went on my first major ride today. 167klms, not much but man it was an absolute f------g buz. Why have I left it so long before I started doing this. This might be weird, but I cracked a fat!!!!

  2. :bannanabutt::busting:
  3. This thread is worthless withou... nah.
  4. TMI next time keep it beetween you, the bike & the shed
  5. OMFG a dude doing his exhaust pipe! what a sad sad little man.
  6. Nah just joshing with you. Just my sense of humour - only way I could describe the exhilaration. Went for a ride with my wife, her on her Speedmaster that she has just bought, me on the 650 (yeah she's had her licence for years now) When we got back she decided to drive the car into town for some shopping. I went to clean my bike, then I said f--k it, I'm off again. Donned the gear and went for another ride up the coast a bit. Could have just kept going - what a hoot.

    Now that is weird:twisted::sick:

    Yep, aint that the truth
  7. This is such a great thread that I, too have cracked a fat.
  8. Mechaphile, somehow made all the more disturbing when Googled. :eek:
  9. There was a tv programme on a while ago about folk that 'get off' on buildings and anything structural.

  10. I couldn't imagine having sex with my falcon, the exhaust is to wide. The stock exhausts on my 250 are just right.
  11. What have I started. Everyone is coming out of the closet. While we're at it, I have VH Short Shot Staggered - could be a bit tight:grin:
  12. You were interested enough to google it?? ;)

    actually, I can't talk, afterall I clicked onthis thread.... :LOL:
  13. Intellectual curiosity. Honest!8-[