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I couldn't help myself...

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Eatingmaplesyrup, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. I kinda found a deal I really couldn't refuse, despite the reputation...
    So here is Kim (from Kim Jong-il ;) ) the 2008 Hyosung Gt650r

    And to be quite frank, I already love it. Got plenty of guts, especially compared to the cbf, looks cool, sounds great and has a fairing to deflect some rain of me!!! I'm exceptionally happy :)

  2. Nice...

    the green rim tape makes it almost look ninja-esque....
  3. Sound like a ducati them bikes :D
  4. im looking to get the LAMs version of this, im like 2grand short atm. can you tell me abit about the bike? im on my Ls so is it good for someone with minimal experience lol
  5. Congrats on the new bike! I own one myself and while unfortunately I bought one of the special edition LEMON models, they are a great bike when they run. First thing I recommend to change is to get rid of the hideous clear windshield and get a smoke black one ;)

    I jumped straight on one of these when I got my L's and it's been fantastic to learn on. The bike handles quite well and has plenty of grunt in it but the weight of it can be a bit of a killer (208kg without fuel IIRC).

    You have to be careful of the Hyo's though - they have a terrible reputation for build quality. When buying one you will get one of two things;

    a) A fantastic bike that will teach you much about riding and handling something more powerful than most LAMS bikes. You will enjoy riding it rain, hail or shine! Basically your Hyo will treat you well if you do the same for it.

    b) A lemon. An absolute bombshell piece of scrap metal that will break down and fail in ways you thought couldn't be possible.

    Unfortunately for me... I got option b. It's been to see Peter Stevens four times, on two of those occasions I had the head technician for Hyo Australia come in and work on it and still I have issues. :(
  6. I totally agree, has a very "ducati" styled exhaust note...I hope it will get better when I can afford a new muffler.

    This is the lams version, so far I think it's a brilliant bike! Are you buying new? Just something to keep in mind- when in the shops a couple of weeks ago the learner suzuki's were a few thousand cheaper! And would probably have better resale and be more relibable. If going for second hand, I picked this up for 4 thousand with 10k on the clock.
    Good- Enough guts to scare you, once it is moving it is extremely stable (no issues with crawling at less then walking pace), fairing works well and is pretty economical. Handles nicely.
    Bad- She's a biggen, and takes a good effort to push-reverse out of carparks etc. Also have to keep on your toes to make sure it won't fall when pushing it around. Power might take a good while to get used to before a complete learner will be comfortable. Takes some effort to throw it around like a normal twofiddy.

    Hoping mine isn't one of the lemons, but the previous owner said he hadn't had a single issue and it had been serviced pretty often. *fingers crossed. Haha was looking at the smoked windshields the day I brought it home, it's number one on the list ;)
  7. I recently got a 2011 LAMS gt650r, and it's been an absolute beauty so far (Steak thread in this forum). Yet to determine whether I've received a lemon or not, but so far all signs point to it being fine.

    It is quite heavy, but I've been able to almost drop it, catch it and pull it upright - and I'm not 'strong' by any definition of the word.

    Sounds absolutely beautiful though. Idle noise is quite misleading, when I first showed it to my mate he said "doesn't sound as cool as I thought it would", then I blipped it to ~5-6k rpm and he just said "ok nevermind" haha, look on his face said it all.

    It's also fine for highway cruising, comfortable despite the aggressive riding position, and not bad for commuting. Does require some core strength training though :p

    I haven't had much experience with other bikes though haha.
  8. Well arse-bandit-esque anyway.

  9. Said the Gaytona rider :D
  10. I had my 2010 hyo for 16 months no problems (other than self inflicted - dropped).
    It'll be a good bike. 208 kegs is a lot. My new 600 weight 40 less than that (170 dry).
    Still it'll have a lot more grunt than the gt250 i learnt on.
    Have fun!
  11. I wonder if my 650 single could out run this bike considering how heavy the GT650R is
  12. putting the single in would reduce the weight and gearing gets you the rest, but you have to ask, why?

    The engine is the Higherdung is not the main criticism. Quite the opposite. It's the cheap bike components that cop the criticism.
  13. No I mean, I wonder if can my DR650 with the DR650 engine out run his GT650R with the GT650R engine.
  14. lol. doh! I don't think the 650 'dung has ever been criticised for being slow.
  15. I <3 my hyo650... But one thing, if you havent already as couldnt see in the pic, take off the grab rail. Gives the bike a much nicer look to it.
  16. not sure...It's definitely not a slow bike but I haven't had anywhere to test a top speed. Did 80 in second gear this morning and she has a bit more (i think it was second?)
    No I haven't, but I will pull it off and have a look. Looking for a seat cowl too to give it a bit cleaner look.

    Just ordered a screaming demon shorty exhaust :D, hopefully it's not too loud lol
  17. Out of curiosity, which components cause the most trouble? If you know? I would like to keep an eye on the trouble areas and perhaps make a mod or two to fix it
  18. Hi, was just wondering if you could tell me some of the issues you had? I want to check mine is all A ok
  19. The main issues were/are involving the electronics side of things. Firstly it started out with the side stand switch being faulty - the bike simply would not start as it thought the side stand was down when it wasn't. The fix for this was a new switch.

    Next the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) died.... three times. It caused the bike to stall (a lot) both whilst in motion and stationary as it wouldn't keep the revs up or the throttle would just completely disengage. Each time it was replaced and luckily the fourth seems to be working a-ok... so far ;)

    It then moved on to issues with the clutch - gear shifting became increasingly difficult to a point where I'd physically have to stand up on the pegs and slam my foot on the shifter to change them. I went into Peter Stevens pretty quick for this one as it really didn't seem healthy for the bike. It ended up being that the clutch cable wasn't correctly installed from the factory.

    I've also had various occasions where the bike will simply refuse to start... I haven't found exactly what is causing this yet as I am unable to replicate it.

    Basically I'd recommend you ride your bike and enjoy it, with the issues I had you won't know they are there until they happen and if all goes well you should enjoy many many kms on your bike without a hassle. Happy riding!

  20. There's a few people on this site that have had them that can adivise better than me. There are a few common failures that are well know in 'dung circles.

    generally all the nuts and bolts used are cheap and very low grade.