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I couldn't help myself: The Stebel Compact Nautilus cometh.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Loz, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I finally tipped over the egde today and bought 2 compact stebels for $100 delivered. One for Cheng's bike, one for the Minja. They'll look something like this:


    Doesn't look so intimidating, does it? Well, it might only weigh 600 grams, but it's got a serious case of small man syndrome. Pressing the horn button on the Minja will soon yield 140 decibels: louder than a chainsaw, lawnmower, or Screaming Jets concert. It's about as loud as a jet plane taking off. When somebody goes to merge into my lane, and I beep them, you'll know about it, wherever you happen to live. Errant drivers will fill their underdurps thinking they've wandered into the path of a freight train, and I expect to see a full and fruitful range of emotions as they look over their shoulder to discover it's 'merely' a motorcycle.

    I feel that the standard horn button doesn't do this sort of magnificent machine justice, so I shall be fitting one of these:


    The only trouble will be that when I inevitably have to use the horn in traffic, I fully expect to shit my pants. What's more, a 140dB motherf*cker air horn isn't the sort of thing you can cheerfully tootle people with if they don't take off at the green. It would be like screaming "EXCUSE ME, WOULD YOU MIND TERRIBLY IF YOU COULD JUST MOSEY ALONG THERE" directly into the sorry driver's ear canal through a funnel. But then, nothing exceeds like excess.

    I'll probably fit it at an upcoming spanner night. I look forward to this venture with great, and slightly twisted, glee. :twisted:

  2. Run two horns; stock one for polite bips, and a jetfighter-style, launch-the-nuke shielded button for the 2nd horn?
  3. That's a weapon
  4. I put one on the GS... The only problem is, when the bike is at the shop the mechanic likes to play jokes on unsuspecting people with it :LOL: (like the car mechanic next door...) :LOL:

    I've used it and seen people spill coffee, stuff up their make up, look in fear for the truck that's bearing down on em, jump back a meter or so, etc... Works great :D

    Next time I have the fairing off I'll take some photos and show how I've mounted it. The only problem is that I have the ball part of one of my allen keys stuck in one of the bolts (ie, it snapped off...)
  5. Re: I couldn't help myself: The Stebel Compact Nautilus come

    :LOL: :LOL:
    where dya get it from?
  6. Excellent, if you fit it at a spanner night I think it should be done last. That way we can test how far the sound will travel based on the distance of the porch lights that switch on shortly after testing it.
  7. Thanks mate !
  8. Hmmmm, they are indeed nice. I hooked mine up today, and although I plan to relocate it now that I've worked out how to remove the compressor from the horns, it'll be staying where it is for my run through the spurs tomorrow.

    The only downside is my 2 year old son is now trying to mimic the noise the horn made when I was testing it today. He may actually be louder :shock: ... Just wait till he hears it tomorrow when I leave it on long enough for both horns to have full effect ...
  9. Re: I couldn't help myself: The Stebel Compact Nautilus come

    I got mine from East Coast Auto Spares

    I think it was around to $50 - $60 mark. No point wasting time on ebay when it's a couple of minutes down the road ;)
  10. I got mine of eBay at Online Autoparts store. $51 delivered to the door.

    Just have to sort out a wiring problem that I stuffed up on the install and it will be good!!

  11. I saw them on ebay. LizzyM was looking to upgrade the tooter on the CB250.

    Problem was although they all looked pretty much identical, some claimed to pull 9 amps and some claimed 18. I know that most times using the horn will only be for a short while and therefore a transitory load, but I was still wondering if you are likely to blow a 10 amp fuse if you pull 18 amps?

    Anyone had any problems/got any comments?
  12. I was thinking of getting one today, Gave someone a 10s blast but they kept merging onto me :( assholes.
  13. I found a great resource on the ST1300 owners site for installing the horn.

    Here is the link

    Wiring diargam and everything on that page. I used wire and fuse for 25 amps. Also there has been a lot of write up that the stebel supplied relay is not much chop. I bought another at SuperCheap Auto because it takes ages to get the faring off to put the horn in so I thought over do it the first time.

    Now I have to take the bloody fairing off because I stuffed something up!!

    Here are some other comments from a guy called Larry

  14. Thanks WGM

    I also figured it myself - finally. The big amps go through the relay on a fat wire, not through the bikes existing bike horn circuit which just activates the relay.
  15. so loz whats going to happen when some irratic cager does go to pull over on you, you hit the horn they get a fright and look over and accidently completely swerve over as they look over?

    ah well they are a great idea, one of the guys up hear got something similar, but had a lot of difficulties actually hooking it up, something to do with needing a relay :?:
  16. i've been contemplating putting one of these on the Hornbag for a while, something about a bike that little emitting a sound that big amuses me.

    let me know how you go Loz, I think it will be my next 'bling' purchase for my bike....
  17. They have arrived, and are now sitting on the coffee table looking extremely menacing.
  18. Hey Loz,

    I've got mine on order and will be in my hot little hands Monday :woot: , so will need to transplant it onto the trusty CB250 sometime thereafter.

    Although, tooting farewell as I leave the spanner nights and family gatherings may cause some mayhem...
  19. "SEE YA LATER GUYS!!!!!!!!"