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I could become top F1 driver: Rossi

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mouth, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Motorcycling world champion Valentino Rossi said he believed he could become a top Formula One driver after impressing while testing a Ferrari on Thursday.

    The Italian has previously tested a Ferrari F1 car amid speculation that he may one day switch from racing motorbikes to cars.

  2. It would be a remarkable acheivment. He has 2 years left, on his Yamaha contract, so he may be a bit too old. Hailwood tried it. Didn't really happen for him.
    What if you never tried it, Vale?
  3. Hailwood was in fact quite a successful F1 driver visiting the podium on more than one occasion and being involved in the closest finish in F1 history, still.

    Considering how competitive it was in those days that is more than a few of the current F1 regulars, regarded higher than Hailwood on 4 wheels I might add, can say.
  4. If he has a red hot go, who knows what will happen?
  5. I thought he was keen on the WRC.
  6. Shame that Rossi will not be F1 World champ........I reckon that his ultimate swansong would be to ride for Ducati alongside Stacey but then again the races would be too processional. Would be a good scrap for second though!!!!
  7. Maybe a scrap for 3rd.
  8. VR was 2 secs slower, today, than Ferraris regular steerers.
  9. phew, that is less of a gap when Senna etc tried out on GP bikes.
  10. I don't recall AS doing that. When was it?
  11. He did have a go at a rally car but I've never heard of him on 2 wheels. :?:
  12. Dont you mean Micheal ..I dont remember Senna tring bikes .
    I think Rossi done a great job in a F1 with no traction control ,could he win races who knows will he ever race one well there is alot of telant waiting for rides in F1 already it would be a huge gamble that I cant see Ferrari making..WRC that I can see him doing and Im sure he would get a car in that ..Its still 2 years away who Know he might ride a Kawaka one day He likes a challange That would test him :wink:
  13. Hey may aswell give 4 wheels a crack, there can't be that many more bike milestones left for him, other than just building on the existing ones. And he's young enough to do keep going on 4 wheels for years to come.

    Gardner did well in the Japan GT series winning it in the Toms Supra, wish we got coverage of that here. :cry:
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    LOL! Did you ever see him in a V8 supercar? :p
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    rofl at that!

    My memory of him V8 racing is dim, just that he was OK but not special. Surely that was just a wind up? But with all that protection around him compared to his bike, he'd have been like a kid in a jumping castle I suppose.
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    Yeh I don't remember it in much detail (i was pretty young at the time) but I do remember that he used to piss alot of drivers off (ie by writting off their cars and championships)

    He should have a go at dirt track fender benders :p
  17. The majority of WG's prangs were from taps behind or getting T-boned turning into a corner. I remember an interview with Dick Johnson who said "the problem is he drives bike lines" and I remember thinking what would Dick Johnson know about "bike lines"? and further I'm sure he drives the same lines in Japanese GT's where he was very successful.

    To this day Gardner has never had nice things to say about the 'tin top' clique who he feels conspired against him and then blamed him for all the crashes.

    Oh well years later he is no longer there but they are all still crashing. Every meeting seems to be an exercise in setting fire to money.
  18. Wayne and I had a talk about the V8 "superchumps" at my 50th. They are, and the series is (as Leon says), an exercise in setting fire to money.
    What about the time he qualified on pole in Setons Falcon in the wet at Bathurst. His only go in a V8 for the entire year.
    He was better than the lot of them....Redneck closed shop deal if you ask me!!!
  19. Garder came 3rd in the Bathurst taxirace 1000, in the pouring rain. Good effort really
  20. I never liked it when they swapped to the V8 supercars formula, but it wasn't so bad back in the gardener days. I can't stand it anymore! Where do I start? control tyres, tiny tyre limits per round, pit lane speed limiter, sequential shifters, compulsory pit stops, unnecessary safety car deploys, 80% of the cars come out of 2 or 3 workshops, too many penalties being handed out for trival mistakes, no new talent its the same old has beens still clinging on and when they do finally retire they put their kids in their place because they can regardless of if they're any good or not.