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I could be in trouble!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. you guys might think this is really silly.... but I don't care :p

    Ok - those of you that have played the excellent game Lego Indiana Jones (we have it on Wii but you can get it on other consoles), you'd know that you have to collect ten 'artifacts' in each level that you can only get by replaying the level at least once, in 'free play' mode.

    You will probably also know that there are a number of Star Wars references hidden throughout the game.

    Well anyway, me and my boyfriend have been playing it together for a few months, and he doesn't like me playing it without him but last night I thought I'd get on and pick up some of the artifacts we'd missed (cause no one likes replaying a level six times, do they?).

    I went into a secret door looking for one of these artifacts and I came across a hidden star wars reference. My boyfriend LOVES finding these and I just did, by myself, and when I finished the level of course the silly thing all saved and now he's gonna realise somewhere down the track that I found it without him. Lol.....
    now you may think this seems really silly but he'll be really disappointed! what should I do? I could set up another game and pretend it's ours and let him discover it himself...... ?
  2. tell him to grow up :?
  3. pfft. that wouldn't be any fun now would it!

    he's just a real big star wars fan!
  4. there in lies your problem... =P

    maybe continue playing without him until you set up a new game parallel to your previous one then switch them over?

    or just don't worry about it and hope he never finds it...?
  5. If you start a new game, won't you be back to square one? He'll know something's up.

    How badly would he take it? Would he be absolutely destroyed? I would just tell him exactly what happened, say that you just wanted to find a few artifacts but inadvertently found a SW reference. Apologise profusely and make sure he realises how concerned you were for his feelings, but that you wanted to be honest with him, etc. etc.

    Perhaps the fact that you wanted to be honest and open with him will outweigh his disappointment.

    Otherwise, do you have a cat? Maybe you could blame the cat.

    edit: brownyy's advice is ok, too...but he thinks cows can fly, so proceed with caution :grin:
  6. Ok well he won't be destroyed or angry or anything but yeah he'd be a bit disappointed and maybe deny me a back massage for a few days, or something like that. I dunno. I think I will blame the cat. What I found was the Cantina with Chewbacca sitting in there waving at me. Maybe the cat thought Chewy was kinda sexy.


    there he is, on the left behind the lattice wall thingy!
  7. well, i a sure he would accept a bj as an apology... i that would be the only way i would forgive my missus.....ok i have stopped dreaming now :LOL:
  8. it's not flying, it swimming and jumping out of the water with the dolphin... cows are social animals you know, playing with dolphins etc etc...
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  11. Yep, brownyy, I realised my error after I posted, haha. Flying cow...what was I thinkin' :wink:

    Stewy, I think you mean pbj, as in peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and that might just work. Good advice.

    It looks like a cute game, I'm sure any guy who likes such a cute game would be very forgiving.
  12. Dinner, Beer/Wine and Kinky Stuff in the bedroom, that is the only way you'll be able to say sorry. Maybe wear a vader mask.
  13. storm trooper suffice?

  14. Quote:
    "you guys might think this is really silly.... but I don't care "
  15. My GF and I used to play Indiana Jones LEGO.

    ... then I started a game on my own, without her.

    ... we broke up a few weeks ago.

    Now, I'm not sure how significant the connection is, but you need to be really careful with Indiana Jones LEGO stuff in relationships.
  16. I played the whole of Lego Star Wars on my own. My wife doesn't like video games. During that game I unlocked Lego Indiana Jones as a special character.

    You lot might not care about all this, but I just think you're silly.
  17. hahaha - sexy storm trooper! what a great idea.

    the other day we found leia in a hidden steel room and he was like 'yessss!'

    ktulu - sounds like it could be very dangerous to venture off without him on a new game. hahaha....

    Tarmac - i think he wants the lego star wars game too but i've heard it's not as good :p

    i think what i'm gonna do is... tell him we're gonna play. and tell him to go get me a cup of tea, then i open a different save file while he's gone (one that i prepared earlier :p) then go into that level and we discover that secret little room again and voila! haha..

    thing is.. he won't get mad, he'll just keep bringing it up every time we disagree on something. like we'll be married with a kid one day, and then we might get into an argument and he'll be like, "remember that time you went onto lego indy without me and found the chewbacca ...without me!... "