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I could be a Canberran?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. :shock: :shock:
    The fiancee's contract is up at the end of the month, so she is looking for work. She hasn't had permanent full time work since we moved up here, and she can easily get permanent full time work in The nation's crappital. She can make most excellent $$$ there too, as they are desperate for people who do what she does.
    So, resumes have been flying around the net, jobs applied for, and we have been studying Canberra's rental property form. I need some garage space (for project truckasaurus and vehicle maintenence), and we need somewhere that will tolerate two small dogs that are very well behaved and short haired.
    It will be a good thing, we'll be less than 2 hours from our block of land, so we can organise to get things done and actually be there to sign off, supervise etc and I should be able to get work down there, there's not much up here unless your a mate of someone's it would seem! :roll:
    I'm ramping up making the house look presentable, been painting, retiling areas of the bathroom etc. Not sure whether to short term rent this place out till the market looks a bit better (and risk dodgy tenants!) or just sell and be done with it. I wouldn't get enough in rent to pay the mortgage either.....
    So, look out Canberra!

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. I thought you were looking for a place in Sydney? :?
  3. Yeah, I was. I had a good job offer in Sydney, but lack of cheap accomodation put an end to that, and the old family "sure, you can stay here anytime" turned into, "we weren't really serious" !
    Anyway, Sydney is way over rated, I wouldn't go back there if you paid me!
    As I said, the fiancee, can pull down some serious money in Canberra, so that looks like the way to go.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. If you're looking for cheap accomodation, Canberra is not one to provide it. Although it does depend on where you want to live, the further away from the Inner South (Kingston, Manuka) and Civic you go the cheaper it gets. But the best thing is, you may end up renting/buying a nice place for cheap (or fairly cheap) on the 'outskirts' of Canberra and it will take you next to know time to get back to the city centre thanks to great roads and little traffic (even less of an issue on the bike of course).

    I should be moving down there sometime in September (early September, fingers crossed). More and more Sydneysiders rocking out in Canberra.
  5. We definitely are looking at outskirts. We really need a house for the dogs, and my car/ bike work (it saves us a whole lot of money doing the mechanical work myself). It's still a whole lot cheaper than Sydney, where $250/wk gets you a scungy little flat in the back streets of West Ryde/ Gladesville. We can get a house for $300/wk in Canberra.....
    We'd probably rent, and once this place sold or whatever, ,maybe buy a cheap fixer upper two bedroom flat or something. All depends everything is up in the air for me! :roll:
    But the fiancee can get $80k+ super and maybe a car as well, so it wil definitely be worth the move. That's a lot more than in this self important little town!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. :woot:

    Yeah, look at places like Palmerston and the Gungahlin area, which is far North (~ 10 minutes to the city centre) or the Gordon, Conder and Banks area, which is far South, and about 30 minutes to the city centre.

    Remember that we don't have the same traffic issues that you do in Sydney, so it's a breeze getting anywhere.
  7. I saw a fantastic recently renovated 2 bedroom house with pretty big backyard and carport in Narrabundah for $275 that was available for rent midway through July. I was like noooooo! I would've been on that like a rash if I was down there already.

    But I must say I am really looking forward to getting down there.
  8. Doug and I are in a neat little 3 bedroom townhouse in Conder for that much.

    10 minute walk to the shops at Lanyon, 5 minutes from my mum in Gordon.

    And (most importantly) maybe 10 minutes ride to Tharwa, where you can then choose to ride to either:
    Ororal Valley
    Honeysuckle Creek
    Namadgi National Park
    Cotter Dam & Gibraltar Falls
    Cotter Reserve (with the added options of Uriarra Crossing and Coppins Crossing)
  9. i would personally look at bungendore. 20kms to civic and much much cheaper rent with possibility of a house on a few acres.
    other similar areas are sutton and murumbateman.
    for actual canberra look in gungahlin, its new and ok out there.

    i could never live in north cooma, i mean tuggeranong. i was born in belconnen
  10. NOOOOOOO... It's a North-sider!! (sorry Mel).
    :p :LOL:

    Oh, and he's right. Gungahlin is a nice place, relatively new.
  11. i remember when kambah was a far south as you could go and conder banks etc was grazing land.

    northside is cooooooool!! more accurate, i'm a Kaleen boy:LOL:
  12. You must be OLD!

    I grew up in Kambah, and I don't remember that!
  13. yes, a seventies baby
    i also went to school with the kid who's parents owned/leased all the property that is now gungahlin.
  14. i grew up in kambah as well, i remember when athllon drive stopped just south of learmonth drive and before lake tuggeranong was created.

    Haven't been around there for a few years now, moved to sydney in '99 and my mum moved out of that place a short time thereafter.

    but belconnen, ewwwwww!!! :p
  15. wow. I can't remember that long ago. I do remember before they extended Athllon, but not terribly well.

    I was here for the Bushfires in '03 (friggin' scary), and Urambi Hills and Mount Taylor went up in minutes.

    I don't think I'll ever leave Canberra. I like it here. I'm not a party person, so the quiet nature of the place suits me down to the ground.
  16. Well, Mel has been unofficialy offered a job with Oracle. Paperwork has to go to the US for final approval!
    Great package, phone, laptop, healthcare, $85k + super!
    We're pretty happy!
    All I need to do is sort this place out for a move, and find work down there!
    Or I could push the kept man angle! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Congratulations!

    Guess we should organise another coffee night for when you arrive. :grin:
  18. Dont worry, when I move, coffee meets WILL be organised! At least coffee is not considered gay in Canberra......

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Congrats to Mel, pretty decent package there :grin:
    I'd be going the kept man angle, especially with the warmer weather on it's way ;)
  20. and dont forget andrew, 'Canberra Is A Roadracing Circuit'
    taken directly from a mid '80s sticker i saw with some words removed ->what canberra needs is a roadracing circuit.

    there is some lovely rides there.