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I cheated......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fifi1980, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. When I was in at Trevor Jordan last night buying my draggins, I had a sit on a GSX-R600, and I liked it. :oops:

    I felt like I was cheating on Gary (my VTR250), but then I thought - I'm pretty sure Gary isn't Mr. Right- he's just Mr. Right now.

    He'll always hold a special place in my heart though.......we'll always have our rides around the clothesline before I got my L's. :grin:
  2. That's why I haven't actually sat on the new gixxer thou yet - coz I really, really want one already, and I don't need to put myself in that position.

    Temptation is a dangerous thing...
  3. Oh you hussy!
  4. Heheh. I likes it.
  5. I'm telling Gary.
  6. Gary really knows, deep down inside his beating engine he knows, he just can't bring himself to admit it and confront her, thats why gary is doomed, gary is a pussy, the gixxer is the alpha male between them
  7. Why not have them both? ;)
  8. Oh how I wish I could have them both.......

    Bonk- Gary already knows, I went out to the garage and we talked. Waedwe was right, he did know on some level, he must have noticed my "glow" when Daz and I came home. He also caught a whiff of new bike smell.

    Ok, I just weirded myself out! :shock:
  9. did you at least SHOWER first, you floozy?
  10. i saw a ducati streetfighter in Metro last week.
    i'd looked at pics of one before on the interwebs secretly when home alone.
    but it was a casual saturday morning and i was wearing loose fitting tracky dacks...unfortunately when i saw the bike in the flesh...umm...i was so embarressed i had to run out of the store..
  11. Some people have no control
  12. It's not cheating if you can't buy it, or ride it; it's just fantasy =P~
  13. I only went to look at my zx14, but I took up the salesman's invite to sit on the bike.
    The next thing I know its an hour later and I have just signed up for her........


    sounds like a lucky escape

  14. Gary knew it all along, he was born a LAMS bike and was told by the kids in the school yard that he'll be "slutted" around from learner to learner and never have a serious relationship.

    They'll ride him, practice on him, leave a few scars, then cast him aside for the latest models with bigger .... capacity.

    At least for Gary, there was some love shown from time to time from the many owners he's had, and he hasnt gone to the retirement home known as the "wreakers".

  15. No, I wasn't even thinking of Gary til the drive home so didn't have the chance........

    Monkeyman- Maybe you could get dolled up and "just bump into" the streetfighter one day? :grin:

    Driven- So Gary knew all along you reckon? Hmmm.....I think I'll go check out some more, um, "clothing" sometime this week. :LOL:
  16. Cheating? Yeah, been there. Honestly, its hard not to.

    I'm seriously thinking of starting a harem, though. One just isn't enough!

    I'll stop now - boingk
  17. The only problem is, keeping more than one can be expensive. When I'm rich I'm gonna have heaps!
  18. Way to aim for the top ;)
  19. me and martha have a special relationship, i even have to sleep on the lounge so martha dosnt get jelous of the other female in the house
  20. Now that's just immature. :p