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I cant wait for my L's !!!!! Literally

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by fizmotech, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Ok, I been riding all my life.

    Im mature age so get my open after L's P's tests etc.

    But my L's course if fricken 5 weeks away as I was going for the weekend.

    Well that simply wont do.

    So I checked availability and I can get in next Wednesday and Thursday.

    It means I have to do a 10 hour day Tues and Wed at work to make up for time lost.

    Would you do this or you think im too impatient?

    I have not been so excited in a long time. Looking forward to getting onroad and off so much.
  2. oh FFS!
    harden up a little!!!
    10 hours is but half a day...
  3. yeah, i can do 10 hours, i mean i shouldnt really have to work at all lol.

    i guess i just overly excited. damn it i getting my license next week !
  4. Dude do it ASAP. Bikes are awesome and I wouldn't wait 5 weeks for a L's permit if I could do it sooner!
  5. thanks man. thats all i wanted to hear. going to rebook.
  6. Yep, asap is the only way
  7. I'd definitely do it as soon as I can :)
  8. wtf.. i work 11 hours a day ;/

    i waited like 7 weeks for my p's test and it looks like it'll get rained out :(
  9. I dont think so my pretty :) check your thread!
  10. i drove to newcastle from sydney to do my L's. was a 6 week wait in sydney and in newcastle it was only 1
  11. decision made, im doing it even sooner, monday !

    fn excited folks. got my license overseas but its expired DOH !

    i just cant contain myself. do i

    a) buy a trail bike

    b) forget riding trails and get a daytona 675

    fuk it, maybe i go both !
  12. Get a WR250/426/450 or a CR250X/450 OR a Suzuki DRZ400

    and motard it!!
  13. i not gonna motard my drz, thats just silly talk. im gonna buy two bikes ha ha
  14. got me L's today !

    have to wait 14 weeks to get P's/unrestricted as lost my license nearly 5 years ago and need 5 years with no cancelations.

    which isnt so bad.

    so now on the bike hunt !