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I can't stop watching this (for the plane nuts)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, May 10, 2007.

  1. I swear at about 2 mins 10 sec that if he put the wheels down he would have "landed".
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    Cheers :cool:
  4. Man that is wicked! :grin:
  5. For the aviation guys, does a Delta winged Jet fighter have to BBB during turns???

    That low flying looked awesome.

    edit: Bank, Balance and Back pressure
  6. WOW! Those guys are nuts.

    I wonder if that was filmed at the "top gun" school?
  7. Everything needs backpressure in a turn, with a plane, you change direction in coordinated flight by making the lift vector point in the direction you want to go. IE, bank wings and follow with enough elevator to either maintain altitude, or climb/descend as you want(with power of course). More bank requires more elevator to generate enough lift on teh wings to maintain altitude, due to the lift working at an angle to the vertical.
    I am sure Inci could phrase it better, he teaches it, I merely learnt enough to pass teh test! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. I'll try. In a turn the aircraft is rolled away from the horizontal and vertical planes by a given angle, by coordinated use of the ailerons and rudder. The lift vector acting on the aircraft is also rolled by that same angle and therefore no longer directly opposes the aircraft's weight, and will cause the nose to drop into the turn. The pilot can overcome this by pulling the stick back to increase the lift and maintain the same altitude. In the resulting level bank, the tail of the aircraft will either 'slip' to the inside radius of the turn, of 'skid' to the outside radius. To correct this, the rudder is used to achieve a 'balanced' turn. A balanced coordinated turn therefore requires the harmonized use of all three axis of control.

    There is a downside to this, the 'G' load increases in a non-linear fashion with increased bank and maintained lift, and consequently stalling speed increases. It is entirely possible to 'high speed stall' and fall out of the sky at high bank angles, even at high speeds, or to break the aircraft by over stressing it. An aircraft maintaining a balanced turn at 70deg of bank will be pulling about 6G.

    Does that help?
  9. Yeh it does. (ex training area solo rated flight student here)

    It's just that the delta wing construction got me thinking - on the assumption that the elevator and aelerons were on the trailing edge of the wing... Wouldn't the aerodynamics get all confused with four flight control surfaces in the trailing edge trying to both bank and back pressure the aircraft.
  10. I think its a Mirage F1.
    the non-delta wing Mirage
  11. I think its an Indian Airforce Sukhoi. The 'Hind' attack helicopter on the ground is a reasonable clue.
  12. ...I've had another close look at the vid... forget what I was saying... I don't think there are pure delta wings on the vid.

    12sec Low flying 747 vid:

    Nice links Cejay! I can just imagine in Topgun style... "we're going vertical!"... funny thing about the links, becoz of the religion thread, I read them as partickssalvation... lol
  13. AWESOME vids !
    incitatus, what/where do you teach ?,
    Im studying aerospace eng at UNSW

  14. I don't think they are Hinds, they are more like Pumas - thats why i immediately thought it was a French aircraft.

    Definitely not a Sukhoi.
    Cold War Sukhois had air intakes on the nose.
    The new ones don't look anything like that plane.

  15. That plane in the video isnt a 747 , its a KC-135 Stratotanker http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KC-135_Stratotanker :grin: and i love wachng that video , it gets so bloody low!
  16. I think you are correct about the helicopters, although I'm still not sure what the aircraft are. I'm not completely convinced they are Mirages.