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I can't stop speeding!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Corporal Punishment, Apr 11, 2015.

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  1. I am new to the two wheeled motor vehicle scene. I would like to know if this is the same for everyone else. I found that every time I am riding I am always speeding.

    I want to ride a litre super sport so I can get to a certain speed quicker than my 300.

    I was passed by a scooter on a busy street in Brisbane (60 km zone) and I was doing 76 km. When I ride up to Mount Glorious I find myself doing close to 60 km on the 20 km corner.

    I want to stop speeding but I can't because I love that feeling of being fast and dangerous in some cases.

    Please help me, I don't want to take it to a track because theirs no on coming traffic and the probability/possibility of a wild animal jumping out in front of you.

    I still have that fear of crashing, I think this is what still keeping me safe.

    I need your feedback and I want to know your experience towards all this.

    Corporal Punishment
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  2. I hear u mate. I speed everywhere on my 1000. Trick is to find places that a cop can't catch u if u want to really open her up. For example roads that have a big median strips in the middle and no places they can hide on the left. And of course no other cars in front of u. If your in the twistis it's hard for a cop to ping u if your over as he flashes past u mid corner but go easy on the straights
  3. Nothing like a bit of fishing, especially when you get a bite.
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  4. What are you expecting people to say ?
    Do whatever you want, it's your license. No one else on Netrider speeds though.
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  5. I think you should upgrade from the "Ninja" 300 to a big scooter first :)

    in 10 months when you are allowed to :D
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  6. Lol... I'm not fishing for an argument nor do I want other riders to dislike me.

    Since obtaining my motorbike licence, I have never been next to a rider where that rider is not speeding (excluding 50 cc scooter riders). In the pass month or so, I have witness a number of riders breaking the rules of lane filtering/splitting, they filter while the traffic is moving on normal suburban roads and this is all to do with reaching that illegal speed limit.

    On a motorbike, I sit right down on top of an engine with wheels, and the second I start moving, I realize that even the posted speed limits are still three to eight times faster than our species was ever meant to go. My stupid eyeballs and ears and brains simply cannot reconcile the established rate of travel without all the buffers of a car around me, because my instincts understands that this should not be possible. But on a motorbike, suddenly I comprehend the wrongness of speed. I feel every tiny bump in the road as I hurtle over them at a sacrilegious pace, the wind screaming in my ears, because that's what happens when I try to outrace the very air itself, objects flying by too quickly for my eyes to fully register.

    At times I find myself riding way too fcuking fast! My primal brain screams. "How did this even happen? AM I FALLING? And then your rational brain glances in the side view mirrors and says "Slow down, man, this is a school zone".

    I believe upgrading to a big scooter will not have the same effect as a super sport.

    Unless you have cruise control built in and religiously have it activated, everyone has broken that rule of not going over the speed limit. It doesn't matter what speed you are doing, it counts as speeding if you are over the speed limit but if you are under the margin of error you won't get booked. It is so easy to go over the speed limit on a motorbike because of that rush of air and thrill of speed.

    I would like to hear the time when you had that uncontrollable feeling of just going fast and just letting it rip because you can and you will either through an apex of a corner or a straight back roads.
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  7. You sound young Constable punishment, slow down and speed safely
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  8. I've had my car licence for 17 years, I use my cruise control religiously when I drive my 4WD. If I didn't like the feeling or the idea of riding a motorbike I would have just stuck with a scooter for commuting and not go up and down Mount Glorious to set myself up for success for when that time comes to upgrade to a litre bike. I am sensible and I will always try to learn the fundamentals of being a good thrill seeker type of rider and that is another reason why safety is one of my priority.

    I filtered through the traffic today and stopped just before the train line, their was this Harley next to me. I got going how I would normally ride off from a standing start and he flew pass me, I reckon he was going roughly about 80+ km's on a 60 km's zone (I was doing about 65-68 km's when he rode pass me) because he was just pulling away like a boy racer, he look like he was in his 50s. You don't have to be young to break the speed limit or to have that uncontrollable urge to "give it a bit", it's just the young one takes it too far!
  9. Only a litre bike?

    What kind of wuss are you?

    Haven't you heard of turbocharged Hayabusas?
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  10. Yeah I don't speed... Never have, oh and the cheque is in the post and I love you.
  11. Or a Ninja H2 maybe.
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  12. I wish you all the best when you are enjoying your speeding so much and you catch up to sudden stop!
  13. It depends on you... you are in control, do an advance course and test ride a 600 and 750 they aren't slow by any means.

    Remember it's the skill of the rider not the engine size.
  14. Take it to the track if you like speeding so much.
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  15. Not life threatening enough

    As per OP, I speed here and there but try not to make it a habbit.
  16. Ahh....missed it. Thanks miksmiks .

    Yeah.....I got nothing....I'm out.
  17. you could try riding a bit slower and blinking a lot? then your eyes and brain will feel like you are going faster, and thus living more dangerously?
    alternatively, double the size of your rear sprocket and take off your exhaust, then you'll feel like a motoGP champion just getting to 60!

    maybe OP can be moved here https://netrider.net.au/threads/dumb-ass-questions.143982/ :D
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  18. Your speedo is wrong.
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  19. corporal- there is no hope for you, get rid of your bike.
    - give it to me before its too late.
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  20. Mate you're sounding like an ice addict. Suggest you ensure your skills are on a par with your need for speed. Otherwise try just slowing down some of the time.
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