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I can't ride for Sh!T

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MaxBlack, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. I don't know what it is at the moment, but any skill I (thought I) used to have seems to have left me. :evil:

    I had a near miss rear ending someone the other day, just from a momentary lapse of concentration. I can't remember the last time that happened.

    I can't corner for shit, my lines are all nooby (apexing too early) and I'm as smooth as a 14 year olds face.

    I just can't find my riding confidence (something you need on a ZX14!)

    Maybe I just need to ride more.

    Anyone got any tips/experiences to help me get my mojo back? I don't want to have to trade the bike for a scooter.

  2. Don't over think. :grin:
    It's not unusual for me to become a complete spazz after a couple of weeks of commuting with no pleasure riding, just relax & flow.

    If you think you can't ride, you won't be able to, it's a confidence thing.

    Go for a nice relaxing ride & you'll find yourself getting back into it.
  3. Thanks, I'm going to scrub my new tyres is now, see if I can't shake some cobwebs loose.

    (If I don't post again in a couple of hours, I have crashed :shock: )
  4. A trackday!
  5. find a section of road where you can be cranked over in the corner for a while, was suggested to by a fellow rider, it worked wonders for me, or agree with above, a track day
  6. Yeah, I think you might be right, although being in Adelaide it won't be much of a track.

    (ps. I did feel a bit better after riding up and down a known section of road for a while, and gotta love those Diablo Corsa hoops, stickier than Paris Hilton's undies)
  7. A nice long ride? Or maybe sign up for a refresher Stay Upright course for advanced people? I lost my mojo-nation after my big accident and all it took was time and lots of practice on little backstreets,

    i hear u dude.

    Good Luck getting back ur Mojo!!!

  8. Another good idea, I must get off my arse and do one of those one day.

    On another note, how do you like living in Katherine? I did a trip on an XJR1300 from Adelaide to Darwin and Katherine was definitely one of my favourite towns along the way. :grin:
  9. Ewww, paris hiltons undies. There's no emoticon for what I'm feeling...

    No wait, here it is: :sick:

    I've heard you've got some good hills round there, get out in em go nuts.

    There's gold in them there hills :grin:
  11. Cruising around in suburbia or with traffic tends to make one rather sedentary on the bike...you just kinda "sit there". That's not good for techniques for cornering etc, where you need to be more animated on the bike - moving around, adjusting body position etc.

    I commute...get that way...and then it takes me a few hours out on the open twisty roads to get back into the swing of things for cornering...

    If you are'nt riding too much, your brain will eventually start to forget what to do when you DO hit the twisties...the SR will creep in and you'll start apexing too early, not staying out wide enough, missing your throttle cues etc etc.

    I'd suggest something along those lines is possibly what's happening to you...?

  12. It works the other way too.

    A couple of years ago, I basically spent from Autumn to Spring setting the SV up. Every weekend I'd go to Broadford and cut laps. I then did a couple of races. This meant that every weekend during that time that was good for road riding, I'd be on the race bike instead.

    I got a free weekend and went riding through the hills. I remember being absolutely terrified! The corners seemed so unpredictable, there was gravel, bumps and general shit everywhere. And then the first time I saw bikes coming towards me round corners (sometimes out of their lane), I was 'fark, this is bloody dangerous, how do people do this?'! It took me a good few rides before I got comfortable again with just how bad our roads can be. Mind you, after that, it was fun :)
  13. Quite true... :)...you got spoilt with all that unencumbered tear-arsing, mate. :) I'm envious. :)

  14. Often people forget to look THROUGH corners and thats why your line gets all ****ed up drifting up and down the road etc and ginger on the throttle..

    I’ve always thought i rode pretty good, and i do ;), but i tell you what... i went down to Tasmania over xmas this year and spent 9 or 10 days down there... corner after corner day after day.. and i wasn’t going that fast most of the time...

    in that time nothing seemed to change, just riding along enjoying myself... BUT, when i got back to the main land and riding down some of my familiar roads i found that i was zipping through corners a lot faster than i had before i left.. not that i was trying or anything... the corners just seemed to straighten out and around them i went... and with better lines too!!
  15. Big horsepower bike? Can't ride it? Pity you're not in Melbourne, we have Chapel and Lygon streets for this exact purpose.
  16. There's ya problem-"can't ride for sh!t". You have already assessed and stamped your psyche. So now you begin to believe it! Bullshit. Tiger Woods can't play for sh!t. Not so, just going through a crisis of confidence. Pride needs to be booted to buggery. If you wanna get back on the tiger(not woods) go one step further go do an advanced course and relearn the enjoyment through the proper application of the skills that have temporarily departed your grasp. An inpartial observer/instructor can do wonders. Do you reckon the "TIGER" has a coach? Bet ya FJ's he does even though he just resigned, someone has to take the blame for Big T's slump. He'll find another one-you find one.
  17. Jeez this thread is a bit old, I've had 2 more new bikes since then....and I'm back to being AWESOME!
  18. seems to be the new fashion around here lately
  19. When you buying your 2nd one, Goz mate ? :)
  20. Dude, I was over there in SA last w/e...... If I had of known of your dilemma I would have hooked up with you for a ride.

    I got a ZX14 too (2008 SE).

    I will be back over there for a week in oct ...... maybe then huh ?

    If your looking to ride with some locals over there in the mean time, check out www.ridingsa.com, tell em I sent you