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i can't @#$@#Q# believe it!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueRex, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. I just went outside and walked past my bike and someone has pinched the top half of the rack for my gear sack.....


  2. Rotten Bastards!!!!
  3. How pathetic can they be!
  4. @$$hole...
  5. That sucks big time glad mine is in the shed out back.
    Just look for the same bike as yours in the local area that has one, good chance it maybe yours
  6. what freakin good is it to them? :shock:
  7. What use is the top half alone to anybody? even low life rancid pond scum..........
  8. probably dropped there own bike bent there one but the mounting section was probably fine and just needed a top section.
    They are pure scum :evil:
  9. rotten scumbags!!
  10. Probably stolen by someone who had theirs stolen by someone who had theirs stolen...and so on.
  11. i am so pissed off. What are the racks worth anyway, this one came with the bike.
  12. That is just plain nasty, sorry to hear it man.
  13. That sort of petty stuff is so annoying! :evil:

    I had a left hand (only the left hand) sidecover stolen a while back and you have to wonder why people could be stuffed...
  14. 1 bajillion dollars.

    Wouldn't you have loved to catch them in the act?

    ... while carrying a baseball bat?

    ... and some gaff-tape?

    ... and a whole packet of condoms (just to scare 'em).
  15. That is so NOT ON! You'd reckon fellow bike riders would RESPECT other people's bikes and associated possessions. I mean, you never touch another person's bike as you would never want your bike touched. I like to think of it as an unwritten code. :evil:

    Sorry to hear about this.
  16. If it is not cemented to the ground some loser will steal it.
  17. That sucks big time
  18. Someone stole the brake-light cluster out of the back of LPCIII's CBR250RR back in the day.

    ... LPCIII if you have photo's of the replacements you made out of transformers, house downlights and red cellophane, you should post them :grin:
  19. Yeah so offen I'll leave my bike in a crowed area with my helmet on top and I still have it, I guess the top half of racks these days are a rare commodity. :)

    It really does suck.
  20. Are they bolted to the supporting frame like the Ventura ones are? If so, the vermin who stole it has had to come prepared with a spanner, and calmly stand there in public taking your rack apart.

    Prick of an act. :evil: