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i can't get insurance.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by teick27, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. i have been riding a rgv250 for about six months around town, but because of my driving record i can't get insurance. I've been clean for three years but all the insurers want five years history, can anyone help me out.i'm getting desperate i may have to throw in riding for a year or two


  2. Just call around under a different name and tell them you want to insure a CB250 or Hyosung 250 ....same record.
    You might be surprised.
  3. hey dude, i work for an ins co and it kinda depends what sort of stuff youve been booked for so not too sure what to say so here goes.My mate has been suspended 2 times from driving with in the last 5 years and got insrd with suncorp on his supra. I can only really speak as far as i know with GIO(and to a lesser extent with suncorp as they own GIO) but the suspensions or DUI or whatever youve been done for will increase your excess payable and to a lesser extent the yearly amount you have to pay. Are you on your learners? many ins co's wwont cover you on your learners ( i know i couldnt even get covbered by the douche bags i work for!). Try suncorp, they seem pretty lax about that.Failing that, go to a broker. Mind you, im only talkin about third party cover, you would seriously pay out the a55 for comprehensive.
  4. money isn't a problem, i only want 3rd party in case i clean up a benz or somthing. thanks i'll try suncorp.
  5. i tried suncorp and they won't insure bikes to p platers if at all
  6. Try Swann, I'm not even an L plater and they insured my bike for fire and theft only, with the provision that of course it was not ridden on the road, all other insurance companies wanted a licence.
    If not Swann try Western QBE, but the problem more that likely or not is not the driving record but the bike that is trying to be insured. Understanding is that RGV250 does not meet power to weight ratio restrictions even under NSW LAMs scheme
  7. swanns no good because of my five year driving record :careless driving
    .02 alcohol
    .suspention on points

    all in 2001
  8. try western QBE, i have a shocking driving history (3 traffic offences including 1 loss of licence, 1 at fault claim and 1 not at fault claim all in the past 9 months) and they still offered insurance to me
  9. Tyr Arista.

  10. hmm ok, well im on ma L's and i went with RACV, they were by far the cheapest. I remember being quoted a grand for third party which was insance by western QBE. i take it your in vic aswwell. however RACV can be pretty harsh on driving records so best of luck dude
  11. I'll 2nd RACV only ones who didn't ask if I had my L's which I got one month later & only ones who would insure a bike bigger than I'm licenced to ride!
  12. RACV did if for me too, didn't want to insure the bike with me listed as a rider until I got my license though. Apart from that like BG they didn't care that I was on my L's.