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I cant find heat proof paint in chrome!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by banditbob, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Does anybody know where I cld purchase chrome heat proof paint?

    I've checked super, repco, autobarn and a number of bike shops.

    I need to respray my twin exhaust for my fzx250 and I really wanna avoid forking out $300 for a new exhaust skin.

    I tried using aluminium spray but the colour just looks bland.

    I'm prepared to order from overseas if necessary.
  2. im pretty sure u wount find any cause it doesnt exist. If u ever used normal chrome paint u will know its shit and doesnt look a whole lot better and aluminum and zinc in a can.

    Ring around ur area for businesses that do powder coatins and so forth. It's not something u can do at home if u want a real chrome finish.

    Alternativly u can strip the chrome polish the metal and clear coat it or even maybe a semi transparent colour coat.
  3. ^^^ what he said, its just not posible to get i nice finish out of a can anyway, chrome bright which is the paint ruckies use on there wheels is basically the same finish as the alum heat prrof paint, i'd say by the sound of what you want requires chrome dipping which will be nice and costly
  4. Either what these guys said or maybe check out pricing to get them HPC coated? Protection and good looks.
  5. Get a quote from a powdercoaters, prob wont cost any more than 100 bucks as long as they are doing a run of the colour you want at the time! Pretty sure I got a projector housing done for a job I was doing for less than 50 bucks a couple of years back.. Worth a look anyways :)
  6. I didn't think getting something chromed was that expensive?

    I believe they charge by the weight of the chrome that goes on and you need to polish the part first. I have a mate (who admittedly got this done 6-7 years ago) who took "a whole bunch of stuff" (his words) to be chromed and they told him "sorry mate, the minimum charge is $10 so I'm gonna have to charge you $10".
  7. I think he was talking about "chroming"! :LOL:

    Getting stuffed chromed is pretty damn expensive, mainly due to the work involved. Its not like just slapping a coat of paint on.
  8. Supacheap auto
  9. Call "Electromold" and get them nikle plated.