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I cant F*#kin believe it..(FIXED pics Pg2)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tim650, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. 20 mins ago my mother fu*kin bike was blown over by a big gust of wind and it fell, this was inside my garage behind a wall. (Sorry for explicit language but im pissed). The bike although not much damage to some its more than enough to me, suffered completely bent handle bars, snapped clutch lever in two pieces, bent gear lever, all scratched up so its gonna need new paint on tail section. Luckily the tank wasn't touched. I'll see what insurance say, otherwise maybe Streetfighter :grin:


    No riding for me for few weeks :( I never got to race it.

  2. bastard. if it makes you feel better i thought mine would look nice on the floor the other day. not quite the same wrap sheet though. streetfighter eh...
  3. Yeah i got that in a Rapid magazine. It looks good but i dont likey the dash on the tank. It needs a little aftermarket digital display one.
  4. my is usually in a garage, but last night it had to spend the night out in the street. I was so worried that I got my friend to move her car in the middle of the night so that I can move it into the garage.

    slept so much better after that.

    Sorry tim. this sux. Big time
  5. sorry about your mishap but it doesn't surprise me that the crapasaki bars couldn't take a static drop. damage doesn't look that bad. probably not enough to justify the excess. i'd just get a new bar, lever. straighten the shift lever and keep riding. the tail and front guard wouldn't cost much to repaint.
  6. wow that sucks... how does it fall over in the garage???
  7. Wind through the side of the house, knocked over the wardrobe with my bike's back wheel up against it to stop it from moving, obviously not, the wardrobe pushed the bike over from the back.

    Yeah will fix it, maybe some drag bars would be nicer. All in time, need money now.
  8. +1 A few hundred for parts and a touch up on the paintwork isn't worth bothering your insurance company about. :)
  9. one of the guys (Jonno) on ksrc had some er6-f bits and pieces including bars and rear fender he was getting rid of. send me a pm if you aren't a member.

    Since we no longer have the mighty ER6 and due to space limitations we are clearing out some stuff and in the odd chance that someone may just be looking for a stock part. So if you're interested give me a PM and we will sort it out.


    Stock items:
    Right/ hand mirror/ stalk, slight scratch on cover.
    Rear fender/ brake light/ indicator/ plate holder assembly.
    Underbelly muffler/can.
    Handle bars.
    Chain guard.
  10. I know how you feel , I had a similar experience recently... bloody wind

    Hope you get it all fixed without too much cost
  11. aftermarket dash?

    trail tech vapor

    i have one :D on my pre-loved-crashed hornet lol
  12. I cant believe that the handlebars got so bent just from a drop.
  13. I could believe it....

    a week after getting my bike, my mechanic dropped it and did pretty much the damage (this is an SV though...).

    handlebars had to be replaced (looks like they'd already been straightened once before) as did the clutch and gear shift... rear fairing also damaged...

    sucks big time...
  14. Sorry to hear about the damage. I was in a similar situation a couple of weeks ago. Had the Gix at work the other week when those freak winds ripped across the state. Got a call from work, she was on her side but they thought there was no damage. Being non riders they didn't notice all the small bits of damage. Broken bar end, broken indicator, carbon exhaust is scratched, scratched paint, small nick in the front rim, painted frame is chipped. Nothing major but enough to piss you off. Thank god for the Oggy Knobs or it would have been a lot worse. Most is fixed now and the rest will be done when I get the cash together (didn't bother with insurance due to $500 excess). I had just bought flush mount signals and new undertail with integrated led signals.

    Ah well, life goes on. Hope the Kwaka feels better soon.
  15. Its had better days lol. Once its fixed im going straight to the drags and flog the MOFO.
  16. I feel your pain M but after as many bikes as I have gone through I have learned to be not too precious about how my bikes look as long as the safety bits are 100%

    I have many scratches on mine as well as damage because from magnetic tank bags and I don't give a s%it but I am very anal about the important bits, bars, levers,lights,indicators, brakes, suspension, chain,sprockets,tyres and wheels.

    Bikes are for riding paintings are for viewing.

    My favorite drops are slow ones as I have made a point of perfecting the "embarrassing slow fall" over the last 3 score years or so.

    My last fall was after riding my bike up onto my service ramp, I forgot (senior's moment) and put my left foot down forgetting I was a further 1.5 feet off the ground.

    1) Fortunately the FZ1 has a automatic engine cut off when the bike gets to a certain angle as fuel from the almost full tank spilled over me.

    2) 550 Lbs of bike and me landed on my wife's aunt's large couch.

    3) Eldest son thought he had better check on me as he is accustomed to rescuing me from under bikes, he was a great help when he stopped laughing.

    4) Petrol burns to the nether regions were painful and certain parts of me glowed brightly for a few days and had to be covered in burns cream, "aren't wives handy?"

    Best of luck with your replacement parts.

    PS Crash knobs can help.

  17. Oh noooo! That sux big time tim :cry:
    Are you getting it fixed in time for the Kangaroo Valley ride?
  18. I haven't touched it yet dude, im gonna get some quotes today on parts.

    It wont be done in time, plus i got a bucks party over that weekend down the coast :)
  19. Fixed it myself today. I bought the clutch lever, Pro-Taper bars (longer and stronger than crappy original). I bent back the gear selector for now though, il replace it later on, cause the thing prob has fracture through it.

    Took me 2 hours to take original off, put new one's on. Alot of the time was spent looking at the controls not fitting properly :mad:

    The guy said all bars are 17mm on the handles and my controls will fit no problems. So my dilemma is they cant completely clamp around the mofo. Its either one end fits flush and the other has a gap or 50/50 both ends. So not happy with that, still got to play around there. I just wanted to ride it make sure the thing goes, it felt weird but good having lower, wider bars.


    BTW i know i dont have mirrors on, looks way better without stock ones, i might consider little mirror off bars or something, haven't decided.