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I can't catch a break....water in fuel?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Rented, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I had a quick search for this but didn't seem to get anywhere.

    We just had a cyclone nearby and so we got a crapload of rain. And now it seems like the bike runs like shit.

    On one occasion I accelerated into traffic all goooood and then "brbrbrbrbrbr' and no power. It's clearly not firing on at least one cylinder. On another occasion it died whilst on idle. However, there was no indication that it might have been electronic, it fired right back up and I didn't even put my feet down. There have been other various occasions where it has been like this but they were the worst.

    The bike has been to Honda. They put some Motorex Fuel Stabiliser in it and ran it around with a diagnostic datalogger and found nothing at all that was out of the ordinary (I believe them on this, I spoke with the mechanic who was looking at it directly). But, I am still getting the odd spot here or there where it has problems.

    So, it was their suggestion that water in the petrol might be the problem. Can water in petrol cause this, and what can I do?

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  2. too much petrol in your fuel mate
  3. Too much petrol in your fuel is never a good thing. Add some water...
  4. Oh bugger....can I edit that?
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  5. How often do you go through a tank? Same petrol station?

    To be honest, it does seem electronic. Some random earthing, side stand/neutral switch or similar. Being a modern FI doesn't make diagnosis easy.
  6. Some methylated spirits in the fuel can help absorb water, try half a bottle of metho in a full tank of fuel.
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    Yeah my suggestion to them was electronic as well. The cursory stuff has been checked and the sidestand switch seems normal.

    I'm just a bit frustrated at the moment.

    However, out of curiosity, I put some more fuel in from the same place (not a full tank) and the problem got a little worse. I ran the tank down more and put fuel in from another place, and the symptom seems to have improved.

    It's not definitive, and it could still be something like water in a connector....
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but your bike has a internal fuel pump and filter.

    I would be inclined to remove the tank, dump the fuel, remove the fuel pump and check the filter, if it's clogged then clean it or replace it, if its not then refit the pump, clean the tank and refill with fuel from a servo with a high turnover and go for a ride and run a couple of tanks of fuel through it.

    I have had a bad tank of fuel on a recent LD ride, bike spluttered and coughed and I could not get over 3000 rpm, had no guts, it got me to the next servo 200 km away, refueled and got going with a improvement which got better as I went, next tank of fuel saw the problem sorted.

    I plan on changing the fuel filter, its not a big job and is common with the GTR's.

    Could be water, could be a bad tank of fuel, it happens sometimes.

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  9. As above. Remove the tank and dump the fuel!
    My FI bike is a real b...h if the fuel is a bit dodgy. My carburetted bike just pushes through it.
    I read somewhere recently of a Honda, having dramas with water pooling around the filler cap and getting into the fuel.
  10. Yep. Start with the easy stuff first. I'm surprised the dealer didn't do this. Slackers.
  11. It's easy to tell if you've got a bit of water.

    When the bike has been sitting a while - like 10 minutes or more, use a long, thin transparent plastic hose and a syringe to draw a sample of fuel from the bottom recesses of your tank.

    You'll find water if it's there, along with other stuff. You can even pull the water out without draining the tank. Rust/ other crap needs a rinse.