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I can't believe the media!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Two dog attacks BOTH caused by trespass onto the property of the animals/owners of the dogs. Dogs, all dogs are protective of their territory.
    Some freako wowser on morning TV is there BLAMING THE DOGS because some kids were allowed BY THEIR PARENTS to wander around unsupervised. They are calling for childproof fencing/gates around properties with dogs.
    How about this, childproof fencing around THE PROPERTY WHERE THE CHILD LIVES. WHy should other peole pay for negligent parents yet again? I grew up with dogs, I was taught how they work, and I do not know of a single person who had an issue with them as a child.
    What is wrong with parents today? Why is it everyone else's problem that you have a kid?
    FFS, be an adult and supervise your children, or don't bloody have kids.

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. Its always the same story.

    Kid gets left along in the backyard for hours with the family dog, dog bites kid, and its the dog that they kill.


    Kid wonders into neighbours yard where dog is kept, dog bites kid, and its the dog that they kill.

    WTF ?? I never understood it.

    If anyone came into our backyard (well he seems to let hot chicks just wonder on in ;) ) our dog will bail them up and thats his job and he is good at it. My ex used to take him to work. He would let anyone in all day, even hastle clients for pats, but after hours when she was there alone, without any prompting, he wouldn't let anyone in the front door without her say so.

    Show me a kid that can do that !!!\

    As for the fencing issue, $10 says the guy who was bitching on the tele owns shares in a fencing company and it was a paid segment. Thats usually how it works.
  3. It is always easier for the parents to blame the dog rather than their own neglect.
  4. The little girl actualy died overnight :( sad but, i agree, if the dogs are safely fenced/chained on the owners property you can hardly blame the dogs or the owner.

    same thing with all animals, what if the kid was stomped by a horse, do we shoot the horse? or trampled by cows, do we butcher the whole heard?
  5. How are you supposed to childproof access to your backyard? You're not going to rip down your existing fence and replace it with a pool fence, and you can't put nails or spikes in the top of the fence - that'll get you sued in the event of an injury sustained while somebody is trespassing onto your property.

    When I start my own country, you will forfeit the right to sue if you get hurt while trespassing. Absolutely ridiculous law.
  6. Sad that the girl died....
    I bet someone in government ties to push child proof fencing on dog owners, I almost guarantee it. Like they did with pool fences. Don't have a kid? Tough, fence your pool.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Oh no, I can understand pool fences, those make fine sense. They're a secondary fence, so it's generally a cheaper install price. These days it's simply something you factor into the price of getting a pool; it's not really a point of concern for anyone anymore.

    But childproofing an entire backyard is a different matter, and certainly far more costly.

    I guess a somewhat agreeable compromise would be to fence off a particular area of the yard and keep the dog in that while he's outside. But of course, you're then shrinking the dog's exercise are and causing something of an eyesore in your backyard.
  8. I'd be fencing of a small area for kids, not the dog.
  9. What's a four-year-old doing unsupervised "several doors up from her house"?????
  10. It's interesting to note that passing the buck on just about anything we do, is now supported by law.
  11. Exactely ... all this noise about the attack, but has the media & the so called do gooders on there :soapbox: asked this question? NO

    Whats his face from the RSPCA he @ times really gets on his soapbox, but this time his right.

    Sad this has happend, but im so sick of do gooders & political correctness etc.
  12. Hmm, how does one child proof a back yard? Electric fencing? Kids from 2+ have an amazing ability to climb things, and if they are coming over the fence from the neighbours side theres no way to control their access.

    At the end of the day, its the parents of the child who hold the responsibility for that childs welfare, they cant go fobbing it off on other people. Its an unfortunate trend in modern society to never take responsibility for ones own actions.
  13. Umm.. What he said was that he believed the dog owner was responsible...

    "I am angry about this. Dog behaviour is clearly predictable and the RSPCA thinks the dog owner ought to be responsible,'' Dr Wirth said."

    The cross-breed hunting dogs responsible for the attack should have been securely penned, Dr Wirth said.

    "Here we have a four-year-old who has strayed into the neighbour's yard, who the dogs probably know, and she has done something innocently that has caused the dogs to attack.

    "Why was a child allowed anywhere near them?

    "Why were they not locked up in a proper dog enclosure so no child or adult could come near them?''

  14. Was he quoted out of context? I'm a bit shocked that he didn't say anything about the kid being allowed to go wandering about... Why isn't the kid securely locked up in a pen of its own?! The dog is in his own home doing what a dog is supposed to do - guard the property. The kid is out and about without parent supervision.

    Spot the odd one out.
  15. Actualy, that was what the guy from the freako right wing noresponsibility all hail us now parent's association said...in between trying to shout down and talk over the RSPCA guy...

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Ay? The article says that's what the prez of the RSPCA said.
  17. I may be wrong, just going on what I saw and heard on channel 9 this morning regarding the interview with both of them.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Well he (Dr Wirth) said is right , if they were in Victoria the owners are responsible (in victoria, you get the assult charge as if bit the person) and
    But why the hell aren't the parents responsible ??
  19. Don't trust pig-hunt dogs, says owner
    July 20, 2006
    A MAN whose family's three dogs attacked and killed a young NSW girl has warned owners of other pig hunting dogs not to trust "the bastards".

  20. Ok we watched the same thing, mind you I was also getting kids ready for school etc, but all i could hear & what I saw was the do gooder ranting & raving & shooting down national RSPCA president Dr Hugh Wirth who couldnt get a word in side ways.

    We can debate who is right & wrong all we like, it all depends on one's views about these breed of dogs etc. But personally I feel the more imporant question should be asked to the parents & why was such a young child roaming the neighbourhood @ that time of night?

    They are also at fault.