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I can't believe it happened....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Matt250R, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hi, for my whole life i've been riding dirt bikes, 3 months ago I got my road licence, jumped on my spangly new Hyosung and last month i dropped it, i was riding along a awesome stretch of road out the back of emerald, beautiful day, me and my mate stopped for a bit, jumped back on, my visor was still open, wasp flies in, doesnt sting thank god, then i slowed down pulled the bike onto loose stones, front locked, down goes the bike, i cant believe i did it, im so upset. was it i was concentrating on the wasp in my helmet too much, was it my lack knowledge in road bikes, this just sucks, my re-sale has just plummeted. :(

  2. Sorry to hear about it.

    But yup...open visor plus stone, beetle, cigarette butt, grit, small bird or whatever will wreck your day every time.

    Hope you manage to get together an affordable repair...


  3. Tough run of luck.

    Get it fixed up - no problem :LOL:
  4. Wasps, bees, rocks, etc always seen to fly in just as you take off, murphy's law I guess.

    Bad luck dude. Sounds like you needed the knobblys on this occasion!!
  5. Cant do much about that mate. If its any consolation, s**t happens.

    Did a similar thing stopping for a fella who had an off on the spur last year. Jumped off in hurry to see if he was alright and help get the bike back up. Once it was all sorted turn I turn around to see me bike laying against the armco. :mad: The dirt I parked on was just a wee bit too soft.

    Blame it on the wasp and take it out on the next one you see, I say.
  6. it happens mate .

    dropped my gixxxer on the spur doin that . was pulling up on gravel. grabbed a bit of the front brake and the front just washed away....
  7. And I can't believe it's not butter....
  8. mate, you purchased a brand new 2fiddy, and LAMs is just about due to hit Victoria.
    THAT killed more resale than your drop ;)
  9. I was on a ride with the guys from SV Downunder, when one of the girls had an off. Unfortuantely by the time we were done three bikes were damaged.. one of the parked bikes rolled forward off the stand, and took out the back tyre of the bike parked in front of it... they both went over & off the side of the road !!
  10. I know it drops the 250 value cause of LAMS but don't 250's hold their value umm "OK" in states with LAMS? Got any "round about" figures to show a general representation of 250s in LAMS vs no LAMS states?

    Like.. VTR 250.. $7K new, $5K 2nd hand (lets pretend no drops, great condition) in Vic (non LAMS)

    Got a figure for similar bike mentioned in LAMS .. OR.. any same bike figures in LAMS vs NO LAMS... And to any "use google/bikesales.com.au" posts, I'm in a "bad way" tonight and not in a good mood to think or do background research.. I'm trembling when I post.. truely :cry:
  11. no worries wazz, a quick squizz at bikesales :p (i had a look for you :) ) shows NO gt250r's for sale in NSW. there is one from ACT, 2 from QLD and 12 from victoria. this on its own indicates the lack of supply/demand and therefore market for such bikes in LAMS (or similar - like ACT) states :grin:

    another quick stat
    NSW 9 for sale
    VIC 33 for sale

    and a control, indicating that there is a relatively even representation of states-
    NSW 32 for sale
    VIC 26 for sale
  12. Could be worse, could have stung you as well! :shock:
  13. along with my edits....
    online pricing is never going to reflect reality.
    people put their ad up based on the current highest price for a similar condition bike, not considering which state it is from.
    it would be cool if they had a database of actual sale figures :)
  14. my sex life is like vehicle sales.

    i say it's expensive, according to current market value. i get lots of interest. but when you ask if they'll put their money where their mouth is....

  15. cheers dude :grin:
    I can't recall if redbook (which can and are way off in prices for various models) do a state by state or just a "total australia" figure for RRP for new, second hand and stuff..

    And yup, a DB of actual sales figures would rock. A sys admin mate of mine @ carsales might be a good dude to pick his brain.. I'll see if I can plant the seed about a DB of actual sales figures :wink: Tho, I think I *owe* him a favour, last time I saw him was when he gave me a spare box (P2-100 or 233 I think :LOL: ) for a linux rsync backup of my laptop + desktop of important/wanted stuff. It's nice how those old boxes support 500GB or whatever size you want to throw in it in linux to use when windows can't due to BIOS having trouble with it :LOL:

  16. /sets it up for Loz.
  17. I don't fully understand. Wouldn't this only happen if the bike is leaning? Or were you leaning slightly?
  18. As soon as I saw hyosung i started looking for a reply from loz...
  19. #19 arno, Jun 29, 2007
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    The gravel moves around underneath your tires, causing the front end to slip sidways.

    Here's an example [media=youtube]jxQI6LQQX_M[/media] goto 1:00
  20. I know that in SA that the 250CBRR, in a dealer is still going for around $7K.

    LAMS has not really dropped the price of the learner market.