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I can't believe it, 3 times in one day!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Hubie75, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Riding on the monash today, only got a 500 single so I stick to the left lane in the right wheel track, three times was passed by cars to my left.

    Hmm, three fines to be written out when I get back to work!
  2. I guess this gets back to your question a while back about where it was safest to sit in a lane.

    When on a highway, the safest place is usually the middle of the lane, so that way you OWN your lane, rather than becoming fodder.

    Personally I'd tend to sit slightly to the left of center in the left hand lane in your scenario. That way it gives you enough time to react should a car try to merge onto you from the right hand lane, and stops cars from overtaking on the left.
  3. Do you mean they overtook you in your lane?? :shock:
  4. Pity us civilian riders cant 'dob in a cager' and get tickets issued.
  5. That's a new one! They must have been reading the lane splitting topics and thought "hey, why should bikes have all the fun?"
  6. I've had one better...

    Riding in Canberra to a pharmacy near a friend's place, I was overtaken on the left in my lane, while turning left to get onto the "main" road of a T-intersection. Some woman in a Mercedes. I considered following her and asking her "WTF", but my throat felt like I'd swallowed a cheesegrater and really just wanted to get to the chemist.

    Go Hubie!
  7. Book them Danno :grin:
  8. If you weren't a Police person I'd advocate getting a more powerful bike and sitting on a slightly higher speed.

    But seeing as you are a Police person I won't suggest such a thing and instead say, Hope you throw the book at 'em. Being overtaken by a car in the same lane shits me.
  9. Well done, I'd write 'em up too!
  10. Thanks mate. :wink:

  11. My wife and I were down the western side of Melbourne recently for a short break and driving along the Princes Freeway when an old ford lane split between us and the car in the lane beside. Luckily I saw the guy closing on us real quick (would estimate 140 or so) and went as little left but he got through and continued on his merry way.

    Is it something about Victoria? :grin:

  12. Yep, nothing else matters, just speed.
  13. Was there enough room? Did they hit you?
    So what's the problem?
  14. err, it's illegal. How's that for a start???
  15. Book em Hubie. It pisses me off too.

    Bet they don't do that when you are riding the company bike! .......or do they?
  16. <devils advocate>
    so, we (generally) condone lane slitting/filtering for bikes when there is enough room.
    but it's not ok for cars when there is enough room?
    </devils advocate>
  17. Hey Joel, let me run this past you.
    If it's ok for bicycles to pass on the LHS it can't be dangerous then can it? Otherwise they'd stop the pushies from doing it wouldn't they? :-k
  18. I have seen that happen in Canberra and a few others. In fact I'd have to say the worst driving I have ever seen is in Canberra. Indicators don't seem to come as standard options on vehicles here and the worst one I have seen so far was a car do an illegal turn at a set of trafic lights into a highway off ramp, into oncoming traffic then do a U-turn into another road and run a red light. Another time I had a car behind me with what must have been Dad teaching his daughter to drive. The light we were at was taking to long to turn green so he swapped seats with her, drove around me and ran the red light!

    What a great example to his daughter, no wonder Canberrans seem to be the worst drivers in Australia.
  19. i ran away after my comment, so i cant answer :LOL:
  20. I guess the difference is the speed at which you do it. I'm guessing Hubie would have been doing close to the ton. Also if the car makes contact to a bike, results are usually nasty. If a bike contacts a car in the same way then the outcome would be a little less nasty, but the rider would have his own arse to kick.