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I cant believe I just did that!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattychops, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. I was out riding on friday night with my mate around the local suburbs. At one point we were waiting in the middle of an intersection waiting to turn right. There were no gaps in traffic so had to wait until the lights changed, my mate was infront of me..

    As the light turned amber, he waited for one car, then started to take off and then he thought nope that a van coming towards him wasnt goin to stop, so he braked hard, stalled and then almost dropped the bike...

    Anyhow I'm sitting behind him wonderin what the hell he is doing, then looking at the lights turn green for the other traffic.. I thought "screw this! Im gettin out of here!" So I started to go and just as i started moving a car to my right decided she was goin (I dunno where she thought she was going tho as we were right in the middle of the intersection) so instead of stopping I just swerved to the right to avoid her, but didnt think about where I would end up! Before I knew it I'm on the wrong side of the road riding between oncoming moving cars and parked cars!

    At that point I saw a gap further ahead where I could get back where I should be so I just went for it and was praying "TAXI please see me and dont decide you want to turn left, 4WD please see me and realise I want to cross infront of you"

    Once my mate finally worked out what he was doing and got goin he thought "where the hell is matty? Oh shit there he is!" as I cut back in front of him after cutting off a 4WD head on...

    It was insane!
  2. Why is our insurance and TAC so high?
  3. Mate i dont know what to say, that is some of dumbest crap i have ever read.
    A) why would you post that on the internet for the world to read
    8) how can you be so silly to get yourself into that kind of situation :?
  4. Well it depends what you mean by that. I've only recently got my learners and I guess these are the silly mistakes learners get into, and therefor I understand why my insurance premiums would be high. It wasnt a case of thinking I'm gods greatest gift on a bike/invincible.

    I just hope it's something i can learn from and respond better to in future.
  5. Could be worse, he could still be driving a car.
  6. Well you went on the green, your friend was in the wrong by taking off on your red, their yellow.
  7. Nightgash i think your reading it wrong. he ran a red too....

    In other words they are both temporary aussies if they keep there form up
  8. :applause: :applause:

    Seriously though mate, you fcuked up. Now pull ya head in and stop giving the rest of us a bad name :LOL:
  9. Damn you fkn forum bots can be harsh sometimes!

    It was a mistake brought on by a bunch of cagers doing the rambo thing on the road, the van for gunning through an amber light and the biatch behind matty for deciding to over/under take him and force him into oncoming traffic.

    Ideally matty you should have just stopped the bike at the nearest safest convenience, ie when you got between the parked cars and oncoming traffic, stop the bike, reverse inbetween two parked cars and then nose out into the regular flow of traffic.

    We all make mistakes mate, don't listen to the nazi's on here.
  10. You better learn from this or you won't see your 23rd birthday....stay frosty :shock:
  11. I think he did read it wrong, but neither of us ran a red.. We entered the intersection on a green light, no arrows at this intersection.. I dont know about Hobart, but in Victoria this is normal to enter a busy intersection and wait for either a gap in traffic or for the lights to turn.. And NORMALLY the other cars would wait for the intersection to be cleared before entering, but this particular time one didnt, and that's how I ended up in a bad situation.

    I was thinking about drawing a picture of the intersection to help myself explain it, but I thought I would manage without.

    BTW I do still drive a car.. It's a 4WD..

    I know I screwed up, thats why I'm sharing here. I just wanted to get some advice/thoughts from experienced riders. I dont care about I'm embarrassing myself here.
  12. Apologise to that biatch please. :LOL: Read it again, she was the one with the green light, and while she could have just waited, there was no over/undertaking going on.
  13. I understand that normally ONE car/bike etc will sit in the middle of the interesction to turn right and when the last car coming towards you is slowing for the amber/red you dart accross ot make your right rutn before the cross traffic starts moving. BUT being noobs and obviously having stuff all experience you shouldnt be trying to get TWO bikes accross and if you (or your riding partner) arent comfortable with being able to do quick take offs etc you probably shouldnt be trying to force your way through the interesction but instead going on quieter roads or if you need to be riding those roads finding an easier place to turn.

    To the fool who is calling us nazis were just telling it how it is!

    P.S. you drive a 4WD that explains alot :LOL: :p
  14. I'm confused.

    But the long and the short is, whatever you do, don't head towards the...

  15. Yes I was probably pushing the rules a bit by fitting into the intersection. Probably bad car driving habits. I have no problem taking off quickly, I've been riding since I was 7, just not on the roads.. It was my mate that had the issues with stalling etc. he's been road riding for 12 months, that's why he generally leads... the problem was the van looked like it was going to run the red as it was approaching very fast, it's just unfortunate my mate stalled..

    I love my 4WD and I love my bike, I wanna go around Australia with both oneday... Once I work out how NOT to kill myself on the bike :D
  16. Are you serious? I have never seen any drivers/riders do that, usually there'll be at least 2 (3 if it's slightly bigger intersection) sitting in the middle waiting until they can turn. If there was only 1 car/bike in the middle, and the 2nd bike/car behind is waiting, the 3rd person behind him will be definitely beeping their horn to get the 2nd person to move up.
  17. The way I read it :
    Act 1, Scene 1:
    OP and mate pull into the intersection whilst on green, indicating right.

    Scene 2:
    They both come to a stop in the middle of the intersection, waiting for a gap in the traffic to head through individually/together (gap size pending)

    Scene 3:
    Both riders observe their travelling lights changin to amber and await the traffic to slow/stop so they can proceed safely.

    Act 2, Scene 1:
    Van driver considers his approach speed, and guns for the lights, only pulling up hard when he/she realises that they will not make the amber light.

    Act 3, Scene 1:
    Mate (who has made a judgement call that the was was racing the lights), emergency brakes and stalls it. OP pulls up behind him.

    Scene 2: Opposing lights change. oncoming lane waits for the intersection to clear, while driver on the left sees the bikes in the middle, assumes mechanical troubles, and makes to head around the hazard.

    Scene 3: Dukes of hazzard style riding ensues.

    Epilogue: Should/Could have waited, but was intimidated by through traffic to keep up the pace with the through traffic


    Only in Melbourne....
  18. Advice I have learnt, and recently passed onto a mate of mine:
    "Do not ever let yourself get pressured into a situation you are uncomfortable with, and if you find yourself in such a situation do not allow it to force rash decisions".

    This appears to be a case of panic rather than anything. You guys were not in the wrong, even if the light had gone red on your side you would still be okay to have then made your right hand turn (I assume you were actually in the MIDDLE of the intersection as said). Mistake was when you freaked at the other green and tried to make a mad dash.
  19. What the f*ck is wrong with you guys!...The problem was, the CAGERS should have waited until they had cleared the intersection!...Having a green light in their own direction does'nt mean just barge on ahead, and f*ck the consequences and everyone else.
    All they had to do was wait for the bikes to get clear. But oh no!, that would mean they'd have to be considerate!.