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i cant believe he just drove off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by coxy., Aug 31, 2008.

  1. riding home from work tonight, i pull up at the red light and wait for it to go green.... the arrow turns green and theres no one around so i started to take off and i see a car come out of a side street and turns right in front of me. Lucky i sort of saw something and was already braking hard and if i had of had 5cm more i would of pulled up in time but i didnt and i hit his front fender and dropped my bike :cry: while on the ground i see him take off :evil: i memerise his number plate and then pick up my bike and moved it from the middle of road and find i only have a bent clutch lever (thank god for oggy knobs). i got the bike home and called the cops.

    sitting on the couch now thinking about it
    i cant believe he just drove off and cars were driving past and did not stop
    what is this world coming too
  2. mate that is shit house!

    Bet your thankfull u got thoe oggies on, or u'd be up for some expensive fairings almost certainly... I dropped my cousin-of-ur-bike on the tram tracks in the wet at about 5km / h or less the other dy and introduced about 5 cracks etc.... gotta get me some knobs - any recommendations on where from / how?

    What did the cops have to say / state they were going to do?

    What was his rego?
  3. the bike came with the knobs already and im not sure were to get them but it should be pretty easy to find out with a quick search . i strongly recommend them

    the cops took my statment and said they would go have words to the guy and get back to me.

    i dont know if i should tell his number plate just yet, i will see what the cops do first
  4. was on my way back home via chapel st with my misus 2day, suddenly a car infront of me (on my left) stops in the middle of the road, a fcuktard swings the door open and walks out of the car. had to break hard to avoid crashing into him.... i looked at him, he just stared at me, gave me a "fcuk off" glare nd walked off.
    i parked my bike, followed him into a store, *i bet my ass he wasnt xpecting to see me again*, gave him some verbal lessons about how to get off a car, nd made him apologize ...

    whew, i soo much was longing to see the after effects of a kevlar knuckled gloves hitting a face......
    the world is full of dcikheads !!!
  5. Whoa... easy ther big boy... :shock: hehe

    P.S - are you stalking me?? :?
  6. i too know that feeling
  7. Welcome to the world where the roads are teeming with people with something to hide.
  8. So you dropped the bike, but still managed to get his rego... good job champ. Hope you get it all sorted out in your favor.
  9. What an asshole! :evil:
    Talk about TOTAL disregard. I hope Karma pays him a well deserved visit.
  10. Get this, about 18 months ago a van pulled out on me, writing off my brand new zx6r, breaking my left arm is 3 places, busting 3 ribs, and putting me into a coma! Did the wanker stop and ring an ambulance? Nope, he drove off.

    Sorry to hear about the accident and glad its not to bad :)

  11. coxy, very nice work on getting the numberplate. Did you get a reasonable response from the cops when you called? You'd hope they'd be keen to put the offender in a world of hurt...
  12. Check with tramp, but Im pretty sure thats gotta be hit and run.

    Ask to have him charged. I bet he wont do it again.
  13. Great job getting the rego plate, most tend to be in a panic and don't think about reading it before the bugger drives off.

    Don't post it online, but please keep us updated.
  14. Kudos to you bro with managing to get the rego.
    So many times the older plates are sooooo hard to read.

    Anyway, as mentioned do not post the plate but maybe just give a fairly accurate description of car and road that this happened on.

    Any locals may know the cnut!


  15. Good idea.

    My only concern is for those retards that can barely operate a vehicle, to also use a computer or do more than two things at once.

    here's hoping

  16. That's certainly leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging names and addresses.Probably a few other things too but they may be more difficult to get a successful conviction.

    Guess the issue is the lack of witnesses. If the other guy denies it, it becomes your word against his and may be difficult to get the police to take action. Usually the police will try to bluff a confession out of him but if he denies it it may be too hard for them to get anywhere.

    Good luck. Hope the bastard gets what's coming to him.
  17. Back when i was on my cbr900 yrs ago now, I crashed in oil coming around a corner. Highsided landed on me head, and to my dis-belief when i could focus there was a older lady (50 ish) who put her indicator on and went around me on the road lol

    True story lol still cant believe it to this day. Gee I preyed as i seen her drive off she would be engulfed in a ball of fire lol. This was around mornington Tanti area.. bloody biatch
  18. leaving the scene of an accident......what a bastard! :mad:
  19. Well there you go!

    2nd only to Roberstsons Drive as the areas you would least likely want to come off. I'm thinking of a word that rhymes with 'mankie' LOL

    At least there is a nice hospital closeby. :wink: