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I cannot f**king believe this!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by lui, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. The lights at Pitt and Eddy were out yesterday avor, there were a couple of coppers directing traffic, I was the first at the light and while waiting I felt a bump. I looked behind and saw the cage was touching my rear wheel.

    Got off the bike to express my dismay, the f**kwit said that I was blocking the road and the bump was to remind me to move on! I asked him if he was blind for not noticing the coppers, he responded to the effect of "what can they do, chase you on foot?".

    There was no visible damage, so no point to pursuit further, just venting here!
  2. Some bikes can generate enough heat from their exahust to melt a car bumper that's in close proximity. Just something to think about for next time ;).
  3. I think there is a menacing driving charge or something similar, I would have tried to call the cops over, even if they were busy with traffic there's normally a few around central they could have called over. Guy was just a dick, what he did was dangerous. Report it to PAL 131444 particularly if you have his rego number.

    Threat to person or property 100 penalty units and/or 12 months imprisonment

  4. Regardless of no damage, bumping my bike, I would've kicked up a huge frigging scene. That f@ckwit should realise that's what the horn is for.
  5. Thats NOT what the horns for.
  6. I have pictures of his bumper touching my wheel with his rego on it, also the driver and passenger.
  7. What? If the guy behind thought I was holding him up, a blast of the horn would get the message across better than a nudge with he car. It wold also avoid any agro.

    As I said earlier I would've kicked up a scene, with a shedload of abuse heading that f@ckwits way.
  8. **** report his ass or something
  9. Yep, kicking up a huge scene they would'a come over. That's what I would have done too.

    Beeping your horn in a situation like that will get you fined mate. Only for emergencies apparently.
  10. yep, emergencies only. Still, he had no right to beep or other. And bumping you is outright crazy. I would do everything in your power to see he remembers not to do it again..
  11. Agreed, no right at all. OP, if you have his licence, report that fktard! He is exactly the kind of idiot that makes it dangerous for us on the road. It's not often you get an opportunity to teach them a lesson.
  12. Yep. Horn honkin is waaaay worse than bumpin.
    It kills puppies, not just kittens.

    I would have kicked up a sh1t storm on the spot.
    (touch me farkin bike with your car? Bullsh1T!!!!!)

    Good luck mate.
  13. I once had a bus in Newcastle do the same thing to me when he had no passengers. On my 250cc (though I was fully licensed).

    I was pissed. It makes me still angry now and this was 12 years ago.

    I got a written apology from Newcastle buses.
  14. i don't know whether you're a knob or a champ for letting that one go...

    whatever ****ing clown that thinks using a 1 tonne plus object to give someone a gentle push is a good idea doesn't belong on the road
  15. What a ********, I would have gone off chops!
    Some peoples stupidity just amazes me, and the fact that they think they are right makes me murderous...
  16. By the way, what happened when you took a photo of the licence plate? Did he say or do anything?
  17. He went back sit in his car. Apparently he didn't think it was a big deal. Will probably report him later. Will it make any difference if I go to a station or just call that 131444 phone number? May be face to face is easier, but they may ask me to write a report or something.
  18. Personally? I would go into a cop shop, they'll potentially take it more seriously than a phone call. Go on bro! Strike a blow for bikers everywhere! :D
  19. Luigi - You'll have to attend.

    VC - I would have asked for a Lifetime Bus Pass too :LOL:
  20. Yeah I would have kicked up more of a stink nowadays but I was only young and I wasn't sure on how to do that.

    Menacing bus drivers, the papers would have loved it.