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I can lowside with the best of 'em! :( Crap.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoostJunky, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. So this morning I decided to go tire shopping since Im not liking the D220s at all. Had the back end feel like it was slipping out a couple times way too easy. They were getting pretty worn and flat in the middle anyways. Priced out some tires...proclaimed how much I hated mine and headed home to read some reviews.

    Coming up to a roundabout I do all the time and needing to turn right. Shift down to first. Enter it...turn, quick enough to counter steer a bit but not any diff than normal. For a split second my mind goes "hey! is my front going wide?...hmm..well just look and turn like always". Before that thought can finish I hear metal bits and me and the bike have seperated.


    Not sure whether I was going to fast, or not fast enough to keep me up with some lean or whether there was something on the road.

    I had my leather jacket on, Icon Merc gloves, speedmaster boots and Joe Rocket kevlar jeans. Only damage on me is a skinned spot on my knee like two side by side .50$ coins and a bruised feeling hip. The jacket sustained some minor scuffing on the right arm but nothing significant. Gloves took a hit on the knuckles as well as the leather on a couple fingers shows some wear. Somehow one the plastic bit on my boot managed to melt a little...still havent figured that one out. You can see on the knee where I fell, but there is nowhere close to a hole in them.

    I got off relatively lucky on the bike.
    - Broken indicator lens $5
    - Reeeeally bent brake pedal $79.10
    - Ground down/bent bar end weight $36.65
    - Dented/scraped the edge of my exhaust :( (not enough to replace)
    - Scraped mirror (not replacing)
    - Scraped edge of front fairing ($100 for paint)
    - Just caught a little corner of the fork.. ($5 touch up paint)

    All in all Im out about $226 for my little bingle. Thats $226 i wish I could have avoided but it could have been waaay worse.

    Im just glad the tank never touched!!! Also, the tail was all covered in black marks which looked like scrapes cause me to dirty my pants initially... but they all just rubbed off with no sign left! WOoohooo!

    After it happened I had a couple cars of people ask if I was ok and I gave em a thumbs up. One lady came over and asked three or four times if I was alright. "You suuurrre you dont want to go see someone?" At this point though I was standing there laughing in my helmet at the coincidence (tire shopping remember?) and how much of an idiot i felt like (im pretty sure no one has ever felt smart after bailing).
  2. And let this be a lesson... WEAR YOUR DAMN GEAR EVEN IF YOU ARENT GOING FAR! That little bit of leather off my jacket would have been a whole lot of skin.
  3. And lesson number 2, if you think your tyres have turned bad you've had them too long already. Tyres are cheap cheap cheap, all things considered... especially compared to a busted body which you missed out on thankfully. :D

  4. Agreed. However these still have a few thou left in them, I just think they suck. BUT Im not saying this was all the tires fault either. I dont know. I tend to just assume im stupid and did something wrong, whatever that may be. lol
  5. There could have been oil on the roundabout? I have heard car drifters pour oil and then do 360s around with the back end sideways.
  6. And again I say, wear something UNDER kevlar jeans; gravel rash is awful, but kevlar burns are not much less painful.....
  7. [​IMG]

    Doesnt the antibiotic ointment make it look delicious? And in the background we have my half chewed, entirely mangled brake pedal.
  8. If it makes you feel better, I did the same thing 3 weeks ago on a new/cold front tyre is my best guess. even copped the kevlar burn like hornet said :LOL: my draggin jeans were un-marked, but I sustained a burn on my knee from the kevlar instead.
  9. Where r u going to get the front fairing fixed for $100? - The reason why I ask is I want to fix my bike's rear fender as I scrapped it with the paniers.
  10. Ahh I got kinda lucky on that because it scraped kind of on a square edge rather than on the front/multiple areas. Because of this, rather than spending $350+ to repaint the whole thing im going to shade the edge, almost like a pinstripe in a shade of grey similar to the stickers. Saves alot of colour matching and should look good. The place is Custom Colour Cycle Repairs or something like that.
  11. Looking at the front tire now seems to tell the story maybe. It looks as though I leaned it to within 10mm or so of the edge and the front just let go at that point. It is now scrubbed right to the edge but you can see at which point it let go. Now maybe I will blame it on shitty tires.
  12. The brake pedal looks like it's been bent in an aerodynamic angle. Are you sure you want to replace it? :grin:

  13. Maybe I should take it off and sell it on ebay as an exclusive one off modification (for aspiring MotoGP riders only)
  14. Consider urself lucky mate, sound all really minor! Your poor pride sounds like it may be in need of some TLC or some silly stunt or something :p
    Good luck with the repairs and keep safe mate.

  15. I took care of that silly stunt and those damn tires today. :LOL:

  16. haha good stuff, now for a REAL boost......

    Do that on one wheel! :p haha Good to see you rid yourself of that menace...
  17. - Brown Marks in you undies.....PRICELESS :p :LOL:

    Sorry mate can't help my self, good to see your not hurt
  18. Silly stunts, niiiice :twisted:
    Let out that anger and show that tyre whos boss :wink: