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I can hear the F1 cars

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. I'm sitting here at my desk and I can hear the F1 cars running around the track, sounds awesome! It's got me all excited, might have to bust off some laps of South Melbourne on my scooter :shock:

  2. I wondered vaguely what that noise was, I thought sounds like F1 cars but it isn't Friday. I didn't know they were practising today.
  3. i can hear them too! Clear as day.. I just wanna ditch work and go watch.. i love this time of year!
  4. No Formula 1 on track today, but maybe they are starting up their engines in the garages? Not the right time of day for Formula 3, and I'm sure you could tell the difference if you could hear V8 supercars or Carrera Cup.
    Oh wait, maybe the ultimate speed comparison thingo?
  5. It was definately F1 cars.
  6. I can SEE the F1 cars

    I can see the buggars from my office! hehehehe
  7. Re: I can SEE the F1 cars

    ohhh, thats not fair! where are you? I'm coming to work with you!
  8. Doesn't sound like F1 now, sounds like Formula 3 maybe, not as loud now.
  9. Re: I can SEE the F1 cars

    We face the wrong way, but I can definately hear them.

    hmm me thinks a trip to the roof is in order, just to ensure the aircon is OK :-w :---)
  10. how much is it to go tomorrow???? i finish tafe at midday!
  11. webber was in the paper yesterday stating that most drivers wont take to the track until Saturday to conserve tyres, something to do with this years tyre conservation rules.
  12. Hmmmm, wonder what was on the track? :?
  13. They said on the news tonight that the F1 cars will take to the track for the first time tomorrow

    Cheers :cool:
  14. Can't wait the F1 circus starts on the weekend. Went down to the track on Tuesday and did a pit walk whilst the teams were still setting up.

    But the best part was getting my photo taken with two other mates sitting at the post race drivers conference podium. GOLD!!!! For those who are in the know... I did the Kimi mic adjustment pose for the photo and all.
  15. There was one F1 car on track today during the Speed comparison. They did that 3 times today.

    Lots of action on track, lots of action in Pit Lane :driver:

    Murray Walker still looks like he's only just celebrated his 50th birthday and Mr John Button (Jensen's Father) has to be one of the nicest blokes in an F1 paddock.

    Caught up with many many familiar faces that I have worked with over the years which is the second best bit of working in pit lane :grin:

    The pedometer stopped at 20500 steps and 11.55 kms

    Damn I'm tired :)
  16. Don't quite know who or what was the publicity stunt but there was an F3 car parked on Lygon St last night at about 9pm. I'm pretty positive it wasn't and F1.
  17. Sorry to disappoint you guys and girls but it wasn't a F1 car. I felt like a ride so you must have heard me coming :LOL:
  18. You really need to stay off the Viagra then.

    Your orgasms are far too loud :LOL:
  19. I can hear them now, that has to F1 ! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  20. Can here em here in Prahran........ wish they'd bloody stop already.... all that high pitch whining is getting on my nerves!.