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I can has gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Well, my quest to find decent/adequate summer gloves for an honest price came to and end about two weeks prior to Christmas.
    and i recieved them in the mail about three weeks later...did'nt recieve any confirmation e-mails, shipping, tracking etc...so kinda thought aah crap just blew my dosh on the dodgey interwebs...but hooray they arrived and i was happy!:woot:
    and so i've been wearing them about three weeks now and it's taken that long to break them in...riding in light rain a couple of times helped.
    can't give a long term review as yet, but they are made tough and i think they''ll go the distance....as a matter of fact i'm wearing them now...and i feel sexy...what are you wearing?...oooh really, what colour?...perhaps we should continue this via private msgs later?...for now i must press on with my review. (but hold that thought of me)
    for a 'summer' glove they are meatier than any others i've seen, but the venting works very well for me...they are a good fit for me and yet i still seem to get a lot of airflow circulating...the lining, whatever the hell fabric it is, appears to play a part in keeping the hot exterior separate from the interior....anyway, despite appearances they do work for summer.
    sizing i found accurate, but based only on maybe half a dozen pairs of gloves i've owned ...one review i read said the sizing ran large but i'd dispute that...and being leather you don't want a loose fit first time you put them on.
    the 'short gauntlet' is un-obtusive and will fit under your sleeve no probs if you have that type of jacket, or over if that's your preference.
    the protective features are awesome for the price, see link for details
    ...fingers are slightly pre-curved which is also awesome ...especially for me because i'm missing a couple of fingers so the loose digits on the gloves don't get in the way of levers so often...but it's also an awesome feature in a hardy glove because you've got more of a natural gripping shape with relaxed hands.
    probably the most important feature i looked for in a glove when searching/browsing/comparing etc was they stay on when you try to pull them off...when fastenned over the top of the wrist and then another velcro closure beneath the wrist on gauntlet, thers no way you can pull these things off...try as hard as you want! , you''ll only succede in making me fart a lot...i mean if you can pull them off then they sure ain't going to be on your hands when you need them to be...why bother wearing them at all.

    this is a propper review of the gloves worth reading> http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-gloves/velocity-gear/exhibition-pro-gloves/

    this is where i bought them on-line> http://highvelocitygear.com/exhibitionpro.htm#top


    answ1.) yes they are a fine pair of gloves indeed.(y)

    answ2.) look msg me in private, this is a family forum ok! gawd don't any of you blokes have girlfriends.

    *if anyone has any further questions i shall endeavour to answer them throughout the evening, however it's hot here tonight and i have beer, therefore my responses may become less co-herant as the night draws on.

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  2. these gloves are now officially rooted.
    i got 5-6 months out of them, riding 2-3 times a day.
    reason: the velcro is completely stuffed and no longer holds together.
    apart from that, nothing wrong with the gloves, not a single loose thread nuffin!
    but it will probably be cheaper to buy new gloves than have the velcro replaced, sewn in properly on these.
  3. I might be a cheap arse but i reckon gloves should last longer than 6 months.

    mine are spidi, ive had them for about 3 years (daily riding) and are just starting to wear through. fit like, well a glove, and have since the instant i put them on.
  4. 6 months is terrible.
    I put 12,000 kms on my last set of collins, the leather started to wear a bit on the left one, spoke to them about it at got another set quite cheap.
    Oh and that's all weather riding - they had been soaked through a few times.
  5. yep
    ripped of.
    it's a pity, because apart from the velcro they are/were good quality
    i'm looking into spidi for a new pair incidentally es.
    would you say the sizing is accurate?
  6. Take it to a shoe leather repairer or a alterations place - bet it costs like $30 to fix it
  7. yeah maybe, but i don't know if they"ll stock the right type of thread... and once they pick out the old thread, which is a lot of double stitched kypotec or kevlar thread or some crap... then re-stitch into the same leather... probably chew up the leather a bit too much, especially the wrist strap, which is kinda important.
    i think i"ll just bin them
    but thanks for the suggestion/price quote
  8. +1 for spidi, I have a pair of spidi race vent, had them 1 year and they are still like new, 0 break in time required.
  9. im actually not sure what size mine are, i got them for free from a work mate. are you looking at buying them online?

    i have the carbotech ones

  10. dunno, maybe..
    one can buy direct on-line if one wanted to select from the latest range> http://www.spidi.com/it/it_en/general/catalog

    but i know a local store that has some older stock sitting around.. might wander down for a gander after work, see what they can do me for.