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I came off my bike today :-(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ashaya, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Im only a learner at the moment and went on my third lesson today. I was doing quite well and my instructor suggested we go for a proper ride...he then led me down a no through road and turned at the end...as I went to turn I got a little nervous as i felt the turn was to tight...at the last minute i felt the urge to stop and i stupidly grabbed at the handbrake without thinking (I know I should use the footbrake) and both me and the bike went over. Very Very embarassing :oops: i snapped the handbrake on my bike, smashed the indiator, scratched the fairing. But then the bike wasnt running either...it would start but would then cut out again...almost as if there was no fuel getting to it. So I had to push it 2kms home. What a stupid mistake ! :oops: and my poor bike !

  2. Ya goose.

    Plenty of people do it, nothing to stress about.
  3. curious to know why the bike dpesnt start any more...
  4. bike was probably just flooded :)
    dont worry too much about it, lots of people do it :)
  5. We've all done it mate, don't stress.
  6. sh1t happens, at least you know where you went wrong. :)
  7. Well you made a mistake. Shit happens. Dont be too hard on yourself.
    But at the same time do take the opportunity to learn from the experience.
    Ask yourself, if put in the same situation, would you do the same thing again?

    As the saying goes. blah blah blah blah blah ...Get back on the horse.
  8. me too ! i will try it again later. Someone said i might have knocked about the carbie float or there could be an airbubble in the line.
  9. Probably initially flooded.

    Get it started and then give it a good darn rev.
    Teach it a lesson for falling over like that :p

    If it runs rough after that, one of your plugs might be a little fouled - but yes, air in the fuel line is possible esp if the tank level was low when it was dropped.

    Solid advice there Chris, how by chance did you come across this information....?
  11. Chris is not coming across anything!

    In the grim battle between good and evil, that takes place in every McDonalds car-park across Australia, I am a veteran.
    Everyone has their own tactics, whether finesse, balance or even brute strength; while the majority of my time is spent in sweet, sweet victory - I can only true appreciate the highs by knowing the lows.

    Ahh gravity... my crual, dark mistress.

    Now get back to work, Campbell. Surely some Ch10 newsreader's breasts are accidentally being broadcast in 16:9 instead of 4:3. Australia needs you!

  12. Ohhh, jeez. Not again. I just took care of that whole labor leadership thing...
  13. There's nothing like a handfull of front brake to bring you down in the turns. :( On the bright side, everyone does it once or twice so just consider it an annoying learning experience and don't beat yourself up about it. :)

    Also, don't worry about the bike not starting. It probably just needs to sit over night while the fluids find their way home and it should be fine in the morning. Brake lever and indicator won't cost to much and if you leave the scrape on the fairing you can drop it again without having to stress about the paintwork. :grin:

    Bikes fall over, that's just what they do. As long as you're not hurt, nothing else really matters. :)
  14. Ah Seeney...my sweet and kind hero to the rescue!
    Couldn't have said it better. I've done it more than once babe- get back on the horse that threw you and learn from it. :)
  15. Meh? That's MY job dammit! At least here in Melbourne... I do solemnly swear to uphold Ch10 newsreader breasts... even Mal Walden's.

    Does Campbell actually work at 10 though? That'd be a bit of a coincidence cos I do too!
  16. Yes. Yes I do.

    And at the risk of getting fired I can safely and confidently say that Deb's breasts are far superior to Wal's.....
  17. He is Master Bate... I mean Control.
  18. What's that PUMP MAN?

    "I swear its not mine baby...that kind of thing just isn't my bag..."
  19. Ahhhhh, post whoreing at it's best.
  20. postcount +1 :p