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I broke my front Brake please help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Removed_User_5, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. I had a screach coming from my front brake, it hasnt been riden for a while.
    I asked the guys at bikemart about it and If I needed new pads.
    They reckoned it was just glazed over and to take the pads off and rub them on concrete and then put them back on.
    I had a go at it myself as the said it was piss easy.

    BIG MISTAKE.......took the front brake off and fluid was pissing out.
    Didnt disconnect any hoses or anything. SHAT myself so I put it all back together, NOW the brake doesnt work and the pads ar grinding.

    I made a big Boo Boo.
    Please help.

    The lever pulls all the way in with no stopping at all.

    How can I fix it and is it safe to ride to a bike shop tomorrow ?

  2. You will have drained the brake fluid. You'll need to get some more fluid and bleed the brakes. Lever will be limp until this is done.
    See where the brake line attaches to the caliper and check you haven't knocked the line of the nipple. You'll need to detach and re-attch this to do a bleed anyways. Otherwise. fluid shouldn't leak out just because you've removed the calipers off the disc.
    It'll be OK to ride, as long as you don't touch/use the front brakes ... max 40 km/h and lots of stopping distance allowance with rear only brake!
  3. When you say "took the front brake off" what precisely did you do?

    Which nuts/bolts did you undo?

    If you didn't remove any hoses or connected fittings and you got fluid bleeding out then it can only have come out either around the brake piston, or the piston came out far enough that it ceased to plug the caliper.

    Did you see where the fluid leaked from?

    If you lost more than a little fluid then you're riding nowhere until you get some. if your only problem is that you lost too much fluid (mystery as to how, not good) then by replacing it and bleeding the brakes you may solve your problem.

    you've probly figured this already, but fer farks sake don't ride the thing unless you're 100% sure the brakes are working :grin:
  4. Stookie, tell me that you didn't touch the brake lever when the pads were out?? Did you?? - don't do it again!! As Mouth said you will have to bleed the system, you don't have enough fluid in the system. As it is supposed to be a really foul day tomorrow don't ride, just go out get the brake fluid after having done a search on bleeding brakes. Good luck. It can be a frustrating process especially if there is air in the system. Good luck.
  5. I undid the screws on the brake caliper.
    I DIDNT undo any hoses and the hose was connected to the nipple all the time. When I undid the last scew it started to piss out from the caliper NOT the hose.
    So I screwed them all up again and it stopped but no front brake.
    Im lost as to how to get the pads out without losing fluid.

    This is what happens when I tackle a piss easy job....
    Im very pissed off. Its a 10k walk to the nearest bike shop. MOFO
  6. Hmmm, and with a screech that you mentioned before it sounds as though you may have a freezed piston. Releasing the calipers from the disc allowed the piston to push out further than it should, and thus the release of fluid.
    How about one of the mobile bike mehanics?
  7. The pads and the pistons that push them onto the disc should be separate. The pads just sit against the piston/s. it is the piston coming out of the caliper that is letting the fluid out. You may need to wedge something inbetween disc and piston to keep the piston in the caliper while you deglaze your pads, if the piston is so insistent on coming out and screwing up your day.
  8. mobile bike mechanics ?

    I need his number if you have one.....
  9. Found it......Will give him a call first thing tomorrow morning.
    Bet he costs abit though .

    Good ol Drew, he's a good bloke .
  10. Call PNUT he might be able to come out and fix it for you. And it'll be cheaper :shock:
  11. +1 on that. Give PNUT a call. he'll help you out and cheaper too! ;)
  12. Lordtb your a saviour.

    Come on over.

    Pm sent
  13. Hey Stookie, as a mechanic you make a grand musician :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Thanks Paul, When somebody tells me a job is easy, remind me easy is a variable and better off I dont touch it.
  15. sounds to me like you undid the bleed nipple and thats why fluid started coming out. i reckon most people would stuff that up unless they had a manual, or had changed pads/bled brakes before. good to hear it's being fixed though. :)
  16. nah didnt undo the bleed nipple, I undid the caliper screws, which separated the calliper and then came the fluid.
    My mistake. The bike took a fall in march and hasnt been riden since. My first week on the bike was nerve racking and then the front brake would sqeeal.
    Glazed pads and I just fcuked it by tring to fix it.

    I think the line was blocked and me taking it off had allowed the pressure to escape.

    Its getting fixed this arvo so Im happy.
  17. damn can't be good finally getting back on a bike only to find somethings not right then accidnetly buggering it up! hope it's easily fixed and you can get back on! :)