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I broke my bike with a wheelie

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. No, I didn't bin it.

    Long story short.........

    Didn't realise I was in 1st gear whilst motioning to another rider on the way into work (stop in for a coffee) then I grab a fist full of throttle and the bikie goes skyward.

    Shit myself, shut it off and it came down with an all mighty thud.

    Get to the next set of lights and it's bleeding. A rider next to me points to my bike, "yeah I know"

    realise that it's fuel and run a red to get to work, I was just around the corner, bike has no traction as it's dropping fuel everywhere.

    Get it to work safely and it finishes dropping its guts everywhere.

    Pull the bike apart and get the tank off and find that the quick-connect from the tank to the fuel rail is broken.

    Off to Newcastle tomorrow at lunch time so need to organise many things very fast :(

    Why do these things happen at the worst possible time?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Stupid German engineering :p
  2. I hope you parked it in a "no smoking" area!
  3. MacGuyver would fix it with a some tea leaves, one gram of sodium and a cat.

    I'm still puzzled by some of their design decisions from the 1980's, so I can't imagine how lateral they went with a fuel hose.

    Good save though. :LOL:
  4. You see you needed to wind out 1st gear and slowly backer on down there Vic. I know, I know, mono'n shafties is a real beutch. :? I dont even bother on the divy :cry:
  5. Bugger.

    So, what brings you up this neck of the woods?
  6. Didn't realise Murphy was german :?
    Wherever he came from .. his law sucks :p

  7. Jetstar sponsor the Gold Coast Titans.
    They ran a promo and offered tickets at whatever their winning margin was early on in the season.
    They won by 38 points.

    When the finance dept. tried to book tickets, Newcastle was the only place that wasn't sold out. So we booked them.

    At least I can go and visit the Knights Leagues club :) and go on the hunt for Paul Harrigan ;)
  8. You need VTRbob. He would fix it in a jiffy, with a ball of wool and a tube of toothpaste.
  9. hahahahha, you got that right.

    I've emailed BMW service, hope they come to the party pick it up and fix it for me.
  10. Are you sure your bike doesn't have Qantas stickers on it??? :p
  11. Dood, right after it shot skywards I reckon it may just have you know.

    Straight up and then straight down. I wasn't even using my laptop to cause the plunge :p

    Just got off the phone from BMW. They are collecting the bike at 11am, taking it back to the workshop, performing it's 20,000km service and repairing the broken QD.

    I'm told that the OEM parts have been replaced with metal couplings now due to the amount of failures that they have experienced.

    They told me to go on my holiday, forget about the bike, it will be collected, serviced, repaired and stored awaiting my collection when I get back from holidays.

    Right, that's it then, time to pack and head for the hairyport.
  12. Try duct tape. :)

    And stop doing fun things on BMW's, they're not designed for it. :p
  13. It's ok, Seany. He has a bike that suits his personality. Vic isn't designed for fun things, either.
  14. Oi, watch it. I'm taking my old K100 (21 years, 250,000 kms and quite a lot of cable ties old) to a Racecraft course on Sunday, and after paying $190 for the course and a sum I'd rather not disclose for trackworthy gear, I'd bloody better have fun :twisted: .