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I broke down last night :(

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by goddie, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. well first up I'd like to thank the netrider community for chipping with offers of help, yes even though I rang you first :)
    @streetmaster, @MMMTS, @GR8N1K and Neil, sorry bud forgot your id here but for those who know, Neils the chap that borrowed the 'extender plate' to get his 'rego' issue sorted re rwc.
    anyhoo, this week is late starts so 9am was at PS to swap the Bell for the 'fog problemmed GT-Air' did the swap and put putted up to the east end of melb cbd. off the bike locked it [I dont believe I left the parker's on] and walked in to work, normally park in central bike park but someone with a fat bmw gt1200 decided to take up that extra foot and block a spot where anothe 3 bikes could have parked, so for the first time my bike was parked on footpath, right outside passport office. Well 6:30 keen to get home I put the key in, turn, and all black, nothing, no lights , nada. Heart sank, thought WTF..
    cut a long story short, found a 'breakdown servoce' card in wallet, 'is this for the honda cb900?' Err I said, I swapped bikes a couple of months ago, 'dont think they'd cover a swapped bike, you have to call back business hours and update the info' so after hour service called back with $88 for a jump start and $160 tow fees from cbd to essendon. Couple of young tradies jump started the bike for me so got home ok, this morning just cranked so either a long ride before work or new battery, all fuses checked but could not find the MAIN fuse so will look into that today, looks like I MAY HAVE left the parking lights on the ninja, will have to walk round the front when parking from now on so not to do it again, for anyone that hasnt got breakdown service, get MMMTS number as he has a recovery service, I believe that Aussieak has the same setup too. both are NETRIDERS. support your local community MMMTS was a call away from being dragged out of his warm n comfy home, thanks to the tradies

  2. Couldn't you have bump started it? 2nd gear, clutch in, run the bike down the street or a hill and release the clutch. Done it a few times and it works a treat unless you have a slipper clutch.

  3. Nromally would have tried that, but when absolutley no lights at all, and I mean not an led would shine, I thought 'main fuse' other elec issue? tried fuses and in the end thought far it, try jump starting as recommended by streetee, this mornging went out first thing, only just crank started, let it warm up then went out an hour later cranked it, started easier, so went went for a putt putt to get some juice back in the battery before work, this morning, walked around the bike, defibatley no lights on, if she dont start tonight I wont be happy !! lol
  4. Not with EFI bike, needs enough juice to fire up the electronics or it won't start.
  5. ahh I knew there was a reason not to give it a crack, but never thought of it, well I rode it this morn getting to work, if she's dead when I get out there tonight, new battery goes in tomorrow morning for sure, I ride the bugger 6 out of 7 days a week.
  6. Goddie mate, you're having a bad run. Sena had problem, helmet has problems, bike has problems. Maybe time to buy a lotto ticket, the bad luck must run out soon! :)
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  7. Worked fine with a 2008 speed triple and a 2007 gixxer 1000...
  8. Then you still had enough juice left to run the ECU, in which case it's worth trying.
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  9. So they managed to jump start it and you got home?

    So that shows the charging system is working (at least somewhat). So you either left something on, or the battery is no good.

    didn't turn the ignition too far off did you? seen people do this.
  10. The ignition was coming on and it was turning over albeit sluggishly which meant it had enough herbs for a bump start normally, sure worth a go rather than sitting around IMHO.
  11. I buy lotto every week, hmm maybe thats the problem lol
    @iblast 'didn't turn the ignition too far off did you? seen people do this.' reckon this may be the problem, will confirm tonight, knock off at 6:30 so fingers crossed she starts with no issues :)
    @mcsenn 'The ignition was coming on and it was turning over albeit sluggishly' where did you read this??
  12. The amount of times I've left my grips on on the GS... Bump start always works on that old beast carby. The parkers on the ninja is a key position is it not?
  13. I assume it's the same as on the Z...past the lock position.
  14. Sorry, left out "If" , if it was as dead as a doorknob then as Titus said probably a waste of legwork trying to bump start but I would still have a go.
  15. hey,,, I do a recovery service too!!! (y)
  16. @Gord yep seems I may have just done that 'oops went too far'

    @streetmaster Sorry bud, forgot you're the new kid on the block with this offering, sorry mate.
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