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I bought the V-Twin

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Yep I've bought the Hyosung GT650 :)

    I've just got back from checking it out as its a fair way away from where I live...the plan was to go down, ride it and shop around for the weekend trying out a few Z's then make a decision from there.

    But when I saw it, then heard it, then rode it....I had to have it :grin:

    The bike is in absolutely mint condition and looks like it has just been rolled off the factory floor. The guy is a mechanic and its pretty obvious this was his baby...he's but mods on it like flat bars, mini sports screen, cool little tear drop indicators, sports pipe, tank protector strip plus ventura rack and bag.

    I also get all the original parts such as pipe, indicators and bar so have spares too.

    Here's a pic of it which he took, IMO it does not do the bike justice http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d123/designmindz/comet.jpg

    (I'll post more pics in the next week or so.)

    So after hearing it start up, (what a sweet note it makes with the sports pipe =P~ ) I took it for a quick blat around the block...its not the LAMs version so is very punchy with plenty of get up and go and easy to ride with comfortable ergos, the flat bar is heaps better too.

    I've read plenty about the finish quality so really had a good look over the bike and could not see any orange peel or tacky looking finish anywhere...I brought this up with the guy and he agreed he had seen some pretty average looking ones out there, but this bike has a superb finish with black paint and a blue mettallic fleck.

    With only 3800 on the clock, near new pirelli tyres, mint condition and ventura rack system I'm very happy with the purchase :)

    Its all set up for work commuting and weekend fun and I pick it up on Monday...can't wait!

  2. very sweet , congrats on the ride .
  3. Shouldn't that ventura bag be over the seat ?

  4. No mate. The ventura bag goes on the ventura rack :wink:

    The seat is for the pillion, but I believe you can also turn it around so its on the seat giving you additional space on the rack.
  5. Looks pretty nice. I'd tap it.
    It has some style, doesn't just look like another bike.

    Good luck with it ;)
  6. Congrats, look really good. Shiny. :grin:
  7. K
    I found on mine that it feels more stable over the seat. Probably just a feeling but the front seemed more inclined to lift at takeoff and the side winds seemed to shift the back more rather than an even whole bike shift. Feels more balanced over the seat. But I am light , as is the bike, so maybe thats it.

    Sorry- should have added my congrats on your bike. Congrats :)
  8. yup it's recommended, if you have a pillion put the bag the the back, if no pilion bag to the front.....better stability.. but ya ride do look nice..
  9. Congrats!! hope you get many 'zen' hours with it..
  10. True, although I find with mine if I have the bag forward I keep kicking the damn thing everytime I try and get on/off the bike - it also doesn't actually touch the seat which I figure has got to put a lot of strain on the bag and rack. Oh and congrats on the new bike Kurtis.
  11. nice, i love thumpers.
  12. congrats, well done.. enjoy and stay safe.
  13. great looking bike :D

    (i thought thumper referred to a 1-cyl.. oh and i'd put the bag over the seat too, it blows around less)
  14. hmmm maybe thumper does mean 1 cylinder, anyone?

    I meant thumper as in thumping V-Twin...and yeah I'm getting that the bag around the other way is best, thanks ;)
  15. Very nice..

    Love the NationalCycle F18 flyscreen.. I have one on order for my bike..

    What sports can is on the "Thumper'?

    Less posting more riding from now on im guessing?

  16. yeah the F18 screen is wicked eh? Not sure what the can is but will investigate further when I pick it up on Monday...

    Yes definately more riding/less posting...I haven't been riding regularly since I sold my scoot back at the end of November :(

    Very keen to get back in the saddle :grin:
  17. Ya, but we knew what you meant. :) And congratulations it's a very nice looking piece of kit. :cool:
  18. Theres a good reason singles are affectionately known as thumpers, but not V-twins :) I love the term, don't degrade it by applying it to inferior bikes :LOL:

    But I digress.

    Looks like a great bike. Just remember, don't pay above market value because of any accessories, they're not worth anything on the second hand market, not even the pipe.

    Has he had the brakes sorted at all? I've heard this is the most popular mod, definetly something you want.

    But you do pay extra for the mint condition, so I'm sure its still a good deal.

    Regarding the position of the bag over the tail, I've ridden like this and I think it's fine. Racks aren't meant to carry more than say 5kg's (not the strongest or biggest luggage capacity), so as long as its only a few books, or a bottle of milk, I can't see it upsetting handling.
    You'd have to be trying to set a lap record on Phillip Island to notice the difference a rack makes to the handling of a bike :grin: At legal speeds, I don't think its perceptible.
  19. yeah the bag will be used for work (office stuff, maybe the laptop on occasion) and grocery shopping so think it'll be sweet.

    Paid a good price I think and happy with the deal ;)
  20. Kurt, what a sweet purchase, it looks like someone's pride and joy and now it can be yours.

    So next ride, I expect to see you out with us, OK?

    {Thumper has always meant single-cylinder bike, but, yeah, we know what you mean}

    Long-term ownership report expected; it will be of great use to many prospective purchasers.