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I bought the Hornet!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurtis_Strange, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Well since the net crash there have been big developments in my world, I just bought a CB600 Hornet :D


    After chatting with a few people on here and some guys at the shop I was recommended to this bike, so I made an enquiry and the dealer called me up first thing this morning...

    Patience I hear you say? What happened to shopping around?
    Well, I don't do patience well and on checking there only appeared to be two selling in the country at this time (two that I liked the look of), I REALLY like the look of this bike :)

    But I have put some conditional safeguards in place:-

    1. Subject to inspection by a very good friend of mine in Melb who has been riding bikes for 20 years

    2. Subject to me selling my scooter within a 4 week period

    I have put down $500 and have these conditions in writing (faxed to me today) with assurance that I will be refunded if both of these conditions are not met.

    I have no doubt I have paid premium for the bike, plus its coming up to NSW unregistered so I'm going to have to cop freight and registration, an additional cost likely to be around $800

    BUT I DON'T CARE! I'm so excited about getting the bike and already have an enquirer about my scoot which is selling for $6,800 firm, so it looks like its going to happen.

    So what do ya think? be honest coz its gonna be hard to bring me down...lol
  2. WOO-HOO, that's the S model with the half fairing.

    A wise choice, sir, if I do say so myself.

    If you want to chat about it, PM me your mobile # and we can talk

    {Oh frabjous joy, another Hornet, calloo callay!!!}
  3. Thanks mate

    Yours was the response I was looking for :)

    I'll touch base via PM closer to the pick up date once I know its definately happening.

    Looks great though eh? And its got the luggage rack too which is perfect for all the touring I want to do.

    How do you think I went on price? (only 17,000kms)
  4. Congrats :D

    There is a very nice blue Hornet600 for sale here in Hobart, luverly bike, but way out of my price range. ('bout the same price your paying)

    Oh no.... another Hornet tragic on line... neighbourhoods shot now....

  5. 2000 S model, $8,000, 17,000 kays


    1998 standard model, $5490, 52,000 kays

    You done good, and it looks in sparkling condition.

    And touring is a breeze with that 600 motor, a couple of months back I did 1228 kays in a day, Wollongong to Tamworth and back again, and the bike did ALL the work!!!
  6. I heard that!!!!!!
  7. Good work duncank. As long as your happy with the bike and the price you paid for it, then that's all that should matter. IMO, it looks nice and I might keep my eye on one of these for when I get of restrictions.
  8. thanks guys, I'm very happy with the purchase :)

    Just a few hurdles to jump and I should be all set for Xmas!
  9. Tassie is on my list of places to tour, I'll either get the ferry down with the bike or ride down (not sure) but I hear its a great place to see and ride.
  10. That is a nice bike. I'll add that to my list of bikes to look at in the new year when my restrictions are off. So the short list is now ZZR250, SV650S, Ducati ST2 and CB600S.

    And just got finished with accountant today and will be getting huge tax refund, so i'll be able to spend some extra on a bike. w00t!
  11. :D another hornetto!

  12. Hornets can swim!!!!! :shock:

  13. God I hate LAMS......

    Good work Duncs, it ain't a Kwaka, but at least it's black...
  14. wow you didn't waste any time! we are similar in that we both got scooters and then upgraded to the first nice looking bike we checked out, i love mine as i'm sure you'll love yours, congrats :)
  15. The Hornet 6 rocks, it's generally more fun than the big 9 - not as grunty but much lighter, easier to chuck around and it begs you to do silly things like big stoppies.

    Sadly though, your penis will not be as large if you take it to the mountains as if you had a litre bike (according to concurrent ZX6 vs. ZX10 thread.)


    Congrats mate, the more Honda Hornbags out there the better!
  16. :LOL: Ahh the bike community, ya gotta love it!

    Glad to be here,
    Cheers K

  17. :shock:

    Goes and scratches out all smaller than 900cc bikes off his short list......

  18. Yeah thats a good price i myself went with the 900 ive ridden both so its the 900 for me ill pick it up on Monday 31st or tuesday 1st traded my 01 KLX 300R so changeover price for a new one was $9,490 on road with 12mths rego :D :D :D :D Cant wait.
  19. And when the CB1000F finally gets released, with Fireblade-like rear underseat exhaust and a non-retuned CBR1000RR engine dangling out in the air like a bulldog's bollocks....

    Gentlemen, start your drooling.