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I bought my second bike first !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by v h l, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    I finally put a deposit on my "second" bike today. It apparently is the last Yamaha TW200 in the country, as Yamaha Australia has decided the model is not a great seller and has pulled the plug on both TW200 and XT250 dual purpose bikes. The blurb on Yamaha's web site: "You keep asking for the quirky little fat-tyred Tee Dub, so we keep making it..." can be taken off now :(

    As for my "first" bike, that won't happen till Spring 2008...


  2. What are you going to be using it for? There are some really nice trails up my way that would be perfect to go for a relaxing cruise in the bush with those big rubber tires!
  3. Congrats, great little bike for all terrain :cool:

  4. Yeah I heard it will do 100 km/h easy too. Yamaha sells them well in Asia, I've seen some pics of some modded ones.

    How much did you pay? I think they were around $5200 plus on road costs?
  5. Back wheel like that, hope you got some sand to make the most of it
  6. I havent been on a bike for over 30 years :grin: Used to ride around New Zealand on a Honda CB350. At the moment I'm trying to find where I can ride this thing as a trail bike without having to go too far (within 50kms from Melbourne) Any ideas folks? May have to go as far as Sunbury?

    I paid $4999 plus "inflated" OnRoad. Since it was the last TW200 in the country I got sick of bargaining after a while and gave in :roll:
  7. Head out to Toolangi in the Black Range or Mt Dissapointment. Heaps of trails around those parts and less than an Hour from where you are. Cool looking Jigger you got there by the way.
  8. That's a fun looking bike. Anyone want to speculate as to why it didn't sell? What are its direct competitors?
  9. Dammit! I really wanted on of these 'quirky' little trail bikes, but couldn't afford one right now. I can't believe they're taking them off the market! Bugga!
  10. Join up with AMTRA - they have rides all over Vic. Marysville is a good ride thats not too far away....

    (just don't go after its rained if you don't like riding on slippery clay !)'

  11. They are good fun I've ridden round on one got it 60mph so its good for 100! but doesn't get there all that quick, I road through a couple of streams and some really muddy stuff was great fun!