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I bought my new bike a few weeks ago

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidk, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. I bought my new bike a few weeks ago and only had one opportunity to ride it because of the weather we have been getting in Vic (my only chance to ride is weekends)....very frustrating!
    (As I am returning to riding after many years absence I want to get comfortable with it before going out in shi*ty weather)
    Anyway, last Saturday the rain held off and it was a balmy 8c so I managed to get it out and go for a ride :happy:
    One word....fabulous! It was so good to feel the freedom again, it took me right back :).
    It was a bit chilly but my Dry Rider Vortex jacket was well up to it! Boots are next on the list as I was get cold air blowing around my ankles :wideyed:
    Now I cant wait for Spring/Summer!......as soon as I got home after my ride on Saturday I wanted to get back on it again (y). I am lucky enough to live on the Mornington Peninsula where there are many lovely places to ride....here's is a pic I took on Saturday :snaphappy:
    ....yes....I am happy to be back if you hadn't already guessed it haha!

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  2. I am also a rider returning after many years and got my L's about 3months ago without a bike to ride. Currently looking at the Inazuma, do you have any feed back about your bike to share?
  3. Hi there Fonz...I am really happy with my Inazuma (not ecstatic about the name though!). The bike feels very forgiving and solid. The brakes work well and smoothly, and the clutch is as light as a feather...I havn't stalled it once!:angelic:
    It might be a 250 but it feels like a big bike and it looks pretty big too....and it's a great price too, under $5k on the road =D
    And as an added extra bonus I am starting to get used to and even like the styling haha! :D
    Hope this helps!
  4. That's really good to know as I was sceptacle about the power and handling. My preference is a Vulcan S but I figured start small and when I am more confident I can upgrade after a few years.
    Thanks again
  5. Good on 'ya mate.

    As a guy who grew up in 'Mounty I reckon I know where that photo was taken :)
  6. Awesome..

    What sort of boots are you looking at? I recently purchased a pair and special lot of time on research so maybe I can pass on some information..
  7. Thanks Libran! ...I don't want spend $100's, but want something comfy...three quarter or full length that will go under my jeans...and of course with some sort of protection too (y)
    What do you think of the Dri-Rider Air Tech boots?
  8. davidkdavidk they are good boots as well.

    My budget was no more than $250 (max). As you're in Close to AMX Lynbrook, give them a visit.

    I had tried Gaerne Aquatechs and they were fantastic but close to $295 (after discount) from Bike Mart Ringwood.

    I tried Forma Voyage as well and they were good too (at $249) BUT I wasn't too happy with the fit around the shins. Good boots though.

    Ended up buying the Falco Axis 2 (from AMX for $180) and loved them from the first fit. Very comfortable and been wearing them for the last 2 weeks (I commute to work so they have passed the waterproofing test).

    Check out my thread in the gear section.

    What's your budget?
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  9. Thank you for the advice Libran(y)
    my budget is around $250 too.
    I will definitely check out the Falco Axis...they look good and also a good price. I'll have to visit AMX and try a few pairs on to see what feels right :geek:
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  10. davidkdavidk - $279 will get you something like this from AMX just to give you an idea of boot for $

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  11. Thanks Jaytee!...top end of my price range but I don't mind if they feel comfy! (y)
  12. It was taken at Fisherman's Beach BitSar!