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i bought my gear (with pics)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. i bought all my stuff yesterday, thought i'd show u :D (took photos for insurance)

    they're sexy!

    i got an AGV GP-Pro lid
    Alpine Star jacket (leather, pre-bent arms, the length is perfect, but it bulges a tad when i lean over, just gotta get to the gym, i'm too skinny!)
    Alpine Star Boots (Racing ones, the best they had there)
    Draggin Jeans (was thinking of leather pants, but i honestly doubt i'd wear them if i'm on the streets.. so i figured Kevlar was the next best thing.)

    all up, i've still got enough change from 2k to get some gloves off the net, and hopefully still enough to get my licence (otherwise i'll just use the next pay)

  2. What model is that jackey?? It's nice
  3. the reciept says "TZ-1 JK BLK"
    so i'm guessing it's the TZ-1
  4. Yeah definately a nice jacket. I nearly bought one but the fit just wasnt quite right cause im a little too fat...
  5. Fat?? Dude when i met you, you were a lean mean boxing machine!
  6. i'm never gonna live this photo down. considering i posed for it, haha
  7. :LOL: I wish...

    ok lets just say too short and stocky, no clothes ever fit me right. Cept boardies singlets and thongs :p
  8. definetly not fat... just built like a tank... all I saw was muscle baby mmm ;)

    simple solution? move to wa. plenty of boardies and singlet weather there!
  9. Yeah short and stocky alright, not fat!!

    You almost sound like a big girl Mik, "This jacket make me look fat doesn't??" :rofl:
  10. oh matty, nice jacket :) did you consider draggin cargos at all? I love em!
  11. yeah, i was looking at the cargo's because the legs were a bit wider (these jeans are hella tight to fit around my boots) but jeans are a bit more practical, and demin (disregarding the kevlar) is stronger than the cargo's material (i think).

    so yeah, jeans it is.

    i might buy the cargo's one day, but for now i'm not getting things i want, just things i need.

    so boots, then licence, then bike. :D
  12. sweet looking gear. i love the boots and jacket.
  13. Id love too! Problem is theres no postings for me over that way. Just recently ive tried to get posted to Darwin, Townsville or Brissy and been told i got no chance... Jerks :p

    :LOL: Yeah i know, i get that alot. I also cry alot too. All me mates tease me about it.

    Sorry bout takin over ya thread MattyB :roll: :oops:
  14. Did you pay retail on all of them, or did they give you a discount because you bought so much and are new to riding?
  15. i got a huge discount because my mate bought his CBR1000 repsol there a couple of weeks ago, so i got a 10% discount, plus more was taken off.
  16. Is that jacket 100% leather or is there another material there as well??

    It looks sort of like it's half leather half something else, nice jacket and gear btw.
  17. the light grey on the underside of the arms is a stretchy material, apart from that, it's all leather.

    below the shoulders, it's leather with little holes in it for air to get out/in
  18. Nice.. My wife and I just bought the AGV GP-Pro each... She got red and i got blue... Very good helmets..
  19. sure are :D
  20. what are they worth??