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I bought a new toy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by happy.grl, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I'm so excited.

    I just picked up my VTR 250

    It's red and I like it :grin:

    The only problem is I want to go for a ride, but I have people due to come over in an hour and I need to get organised............

    Is it rude to cancel at the last minute :?: :?:

  2. yes, it'd be rude to cancel... but who cares, you have a new bike! It wants to be ridden!
  3. with a name like happy.grl, i was expecting somethign a little different.. but congrats on your bike purchase.. welcome to the family :)
  4. Yay for new toys.
    May be you could let the visitors play too.
  5. That's an idea. Maybe I'll let them play...................

    on the scooter :)
  6. Share the fun... hehehe
  7. Nice work on the VTR250. +1 for it also being red, as is mine.
  8. Excellent choice - altho' I'm a little biased towards the black ..... :p :grin:
  9. Thx for the congrats.

    Hope to see you all for a ride when I'm a bit more comfortable with the bike
  10. pfft as if you'd have one in anything but blue ;)

    j/k - congrats on a good choice :)
  11. meh, you can have visitors any time, get out and ride, they'll get over it :grin:
  12. Leave the new bike parked carefully in the driveway so the visitors can oooo and ahhhh all over it, then you let them inside.

    If instead they go 'errkk! why did you buy one of those things for?' then say "sorry, time to go riding" :twisted:

    Oh and congrats on the new VTR!
    I reckon those are the nicest 250 on the market at the moment.
  13. congrats on the new bike. I would have cancelled on the visitors due to an illness.. :grin:
  14. Another 250cc rider.

    Pity it is not a GPX.

    Just joking..... enjoy your new toy.
  15. Hey congrats Sal - had a punt at it yet? I think it's a good'un, hope it fits you! :)
  16. Shame it's not blue, though..

  17. I'm pretty sure that red goes faster.....

    less lead in the paint or something :p
  18. *laugh* its the bike that counts ;)
  19. :woot: Go the red VTRs. Congrats on the new purchase, have fun :grin: