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I bought a new R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by geoffbickle, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. ah thas all just letting everyone know! .. 05 black special edition thing .. Wasnt expecting to buy it, but they accepted $17000 driveaway with rego included

    should be a little different to the zx6r ... we'll see how long I last : :]
  2. You have my condolences on your defection from the Green marque. :LOL:

    Grats mate. :)
  3. woot.. That is really great.. drools


  4. Lol..driveway, looks like the power is already getting to you :LOL:

    Stay safe and enjoy your ride!
  5. Congrats, nice lookin machine you have purchased there. Enjoy and stay safe. Oh and just one more thing, still reckon the 12 is better lookin! :D
  6. Congrats on the new wheels, when you say special edition is that the Rossi replica that i have been seeing in the Yamaha dealers lately?

    What does everyone think of these??
  7. Nice...the special edition black always looks good.
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmm ZX6R, that was one sweet sweet bike
  9. Nice is an understatement.

    Even I have been tempted by the Black 05 model. Very nice looking bike.

    Then again so is the Satin Black Firestorm.

    As for the 12..............nup, it just looks a little silly for my liking.
  10. http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/media/qtvr/fvr.asp?modelid=173&ModelName=YZFR1 - BLACK SPECIAL

    thats the one ... no difference from the other models except its all black and has the red on the rims ... not quite as quick as the zx10r ...but looks better .. I think they were flexible on the price because both the 05 zx10r and the cbr1000rr are $15990 at the moment..
  11. yes its a great bike for posing ::] the R1 ... definately the nicest looking in my opinion ... Im with you on the 12 .. I wouldnt say it was that well styled
  12. ha .. good call ... you can tell i Drive more than i ride : :]
  13. congrats on the bike ,
    does the cost price include a chiropractor too :LOL:
  14. AWWWWEEEESOME Geoff.....

    Fantastic bike, sexiest thing on the planet apart from an MV Augusta.....

    Groberts....yer just an old fart! Actually - I found the VTR1000F very cramped and uncomfortable...My R1 is really quite roomy and comfortable....(6' mostly legs)....

  15. congrats Geoff, there'd be a lot of jealous people here I'd say :)

    Keep it rubber side down

    ENJOY !!!
  16. not the legs mate , its the shoulders and wrists from the nose pointing downwards at the front.
  17. Sweeeet machine. Congrats.
  18. They look very very nice in black, don't they! Congratulations!

    (But I think I'll order mine with the yellow-and-black Yamaha US race-rep paintjob. Absolutely stunning.)
  19. Geez fellas you two are blind!! :D And as for you Vic our friendship is over.. :LOL: :LOL:
  20. I will refuse to sign the divorce papers and sting you for maximum child support :p:p:p