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I bought a lemon, so it seems...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by knifepoint, May 4, 2007.

  1. okay, I don't really know what to do in my situation so as I was pushing this piece of shit down the highway trying not to get hit by cars, I decided the best place to ask was probably here first off:

    I got my L's in June last year, the next day I went and bought a Honda Lead 100cc scooter from Action Motorcycles (Sydney city) for $2990, picked it up the left blinker dashboard light didn't work, the guy said he'd fix it at the first service. I just wanted to ride so I rode it away anyway (whats a little dashboard light anyway? as long as the real blinker works its only a small problem)

    I had a small accident in August where I cracked the front headlight and plastics, luckily I was insured but I still paid $1000 excess, I rode it into Action Motorcycles and they stickytaped the headlight together and cable tied a few broken bits of plastic so I could still ride it to and from work, this was okay until they could get the parts in. A month later, still no sign of the parts and my motorcycle broke down on the highway at Helensburg, so I paid for a Ute and picked it up and took it back into the shop.

    Three weeks later I got a call saying it was fixed, I had to pay $90 because apparantly "it wasnt a warranty issue" and I jumped on it out the front of the shop, as soon as I rode about 100m's up the hill away from the shop, it stutters and seems to suffer the EXACT same problem. I can't get it going again and I push it through various one-way streets and massive hills in Surry Hills to try and get it back to the shop. When I get there the mechanic says "I can't look at it today, maybe next week"

    two weeks later I get it back again, this time funnily enough it's a faulty ignition cable (apparantly) and I ride it away. All is going seemingly well and then a month later, while I was at work I jump on my bike and it won't start, again it seems to suffer the same problem as BEFORE and by now I am really pissed off with both Honda AND ActionMC. I call up Honda's head office in Melbourne and speak to a really nice guy in charge of things, he tells me not to worry and a week later he organises a truck to pickup my bike and takes it to another shop (I explained I didn't want to even bother with ActionMC anymore since they were obviously not interested in helping me anyway, and the fact they couldn't fix it properly in the first three instances) so it gets towed to Sydney City Kogarah and I get a loan scooter from Honda's head office shipped up for free.

    I pickup my bike about TWO MONTHS (yes thats right, two months in the shop) and it goes well for about a month and a half and, yep, you guessed it, IT'S BROKEN AGAIN!

    I really just want this bad experience to end, my warranty runs out in a month or two and I'm afraid they will keep patching it up until I am out of warranty and then it's tough luck to me.

    What are my options here? I've left it on the side of the road again, and it won't be picked up until Monday afternoon, I've spent a lot of money on taxis to and from work, ute hire to pickup the broken scooter, etc, etc...
  2. If the story is exactly as you tell it, then it looks like a job for those sons of fun, the people at the NSW Department of Fair Trading.
  3. Hmm sucks to be you. Another forum member said they had the same scooter and said it was gay and too slow but I don't think they had the same problems as you.
  4. Was it brand new?

    If so with the story you've given here and documentation, speak to the same guy you did at Honda melbourne and suggest that your scooter be replaced entirely. I would not see this as unreasonable and within the boundaries of your warranty.

    Obviously you'd need t present an arguement based on the reoccuring problem, inconvenience, warranty issues, etc. I would make sure he considers the fact that the problem given its history may continue to reoccur well and truely past warranty.
  5. I had the same story with my 1st car it was used from a dealer with 6mths warranty it spent about 2 & 1/2 months in the dealers repair yard in total, I had to take it back 4 times any way funny thing happened the last time I got it back it got stolen. Funny how things turn out like that (and no I didn't ask/pay anyone to get it stolen). Point of the story is well sometimes crime pays (for the victim anyway)
  6. well your fisrt problem is

    sorry just kidding i had a similar prob with my first bike (and my second is starting to play up) after sinking twice what i paid for it in repairs i walked away (it stopped moving) but i bought privatly and got asre raped.

    think hornets advice sticks also i'd let rip in to honda
  7. Check underneath the Honda badge, are yu sure it's not a Hyosung?

    /OK, this is getting old for all of us. :grin:
  8. I bought it brand new and bought Honda because I thought they would be a reliable trustworthy brand.

    how wrong I am, I'm never going to buy anything Honda again after this crap.
  9. lol - no it isn't!
  10. Would the accident he had on it have a bearing on whether he would get a replacement or not.
  11. I thought about that too, but considering it's been to TWO authorised Honda dealers/serviceshops, it's still under warranty and it should be as good as the day I bought it.
  12. So...
    You bought it new.
    And your one incident you had insurance for.

    Therefore everything should be covered under warentee or Insurance.
    Take it back make that statment tell them you want it fixed within 7 days and if not follow the advice of hornet.

    BTW Write everything down with times and dates. make sure it is all well documented.

  13. You're funny Loz

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :roll:
  14. Matty has proven you can lay a Hyo down and ride it a way...
    We can't say the same for your honda...
  15. Honda has many different development wings in various countries which all work some what autonomously. The 'Honda' bikes that come out of Thailand and India aren't even near deserving of the Honda name.
    This bike in particular is from India and has 'DODGY' stamped all over it. You really should have done your homework and bought a model with a reputable history.
    This isn't the first model that Honda Australia have imported to their detriment. The NSR150s also copped a lot of flack for various issues.
  16. Sorry to hear your story. Suggest you to do what Falcon-lord said.
    This happened to a friend of mine on his new car. He got it replaced after a number of battles with Toyata. In fact the acident has nothing to do with its quality, as your insurance company has paid to restore its conditions.

    I also do my service with Action MC. Now I have to re-consider it.
  17. Im with Hornet600. Present the state legislation in their face along with legal representation.
  18. If only Honda's marketing department was aware that their little scooter branded the wrong image in peoples minds.
  19. yeah I second that, the department of fair trading is the next resort. you shouldn't be place in those sorts of ordeals. it's ashame that a reputable name such as Action is giving a poor quality service.