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I bought a Dominator today. Pics added 26/11/06

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. HEy guys.

    I just bought a 1992 Dominator today. I'll be picking it up on sunday afternoon. Really looking forward to ride the beast. It is a real difference between the mono 650 and the twin 250 in the CB.

    So the plan is to keep the cb for my wife who has already booked the pre-learners course.

    In a year time when I get off my restrictions we will decide if we keep one of them or we sell them both.

    We want to get the ER-6N when I get out of the restrictions.

    A little bit of history on this bike. She was owned by a french mature rider who is selling it because his wife doesn't want him to ride anymore. It's been service by the same mechanic for a few years and he has receipts of all the works done on the bike throughout the years.

    It has a couple of old scratches but nothing mayor. It rides well, has new sprockets and chain, new tyres, new seat.

    It was very very cheap too.

  2. nice could i ask how much u got it for im looking for somthing simmilar
  3. 60.000 K's. Reco top end. $2K.

  4. Sounds nice! Go the thumper!




    Pics please.... :p
  5. Don't have any yet. Forgot to take my camera.

    It is red and black.

    Pictures on sunday.


    PS: Mario, are you south american or spanish by any chance?
  6. Sorry to play dumb but what is a Dominator? i read the title of the thread, thinking 'oh cool, for once someone has bought an old bike (in this case a Norton Dominator) ' but it wasn't to be...
  7. this thing . . .

    With Falco-Phil modelling himself on it ! :p


    hey Paul (Hornet) . . . . . :p :wink:
  8. yah i thought the same thing and got all excited hahaha ... its no doubt a great buy - always had a soft spot for big singles - but when someone says "dominator" i instinctively think of featherbed norton twins hehe
  9. You guys beat me to post the pic.

    Yeah it is one of those, I just wish it was so clean as the one in the picture.


    PS: There was a Suzuki A100 for sale in Sydney but they want $1500 and I think it is a bit pricey for the condition it is. Let me know if anyone is interested so I can send the link
  10. Congrats - pretty good price - they go forever.

    Where are you planning to ride off road?

    Here's another pic of Jaqhamers's Dommie

  11. Dominator

    Great minds think alike alright Andrew, but I had a bit of a look at a Dommi (Honda) when I was trying to decide on what bike to buy that would suit my needs ( do we ever get it right) . I did have this crazy notion about a Motards but they would be useless on anything more than a 100K ride. Hence the VFR .
    BTW good luck with the Dommi
  12. Just one more sleep before picking up the screamer.

    Lucky I finish working at 11pm today so the night is going to be shorter.

  13. Ahh, thanks for the pic....know what you're referring to now.

    Still, a nice Featherbed frame, open 'zorsts and chrome... =P~
  14. Re: I bought a Dominator today!!!!

    Probably what I am getting when I am off restrictions but we will see how she goes.

    Anyway, can't say I find the dominator overly attractive but hope you have heaps of fun on it.
  15. Here are the pictures of my new baby. She is wild but god she is fun.

    I made a little bit over 100 Kms today on her. There is a pic of my other baby too.

    Click on the images to get the full size picture




    Now I'm going to bring the Domi to a better condition slowly and by myself.

    Love the bikes.

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