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I blame the parents

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Had an interesting walk through centennial park in Sydney today(see post about owning your lane in new rider section). I was amazed to see the lack of care and concern shown by one man towards his kids. His son and daughter, both aged about 5-8 years old, were riding their pushies, firstly without helmets and secondly, the boy was using his mobile phone as he was riding! Imagine when these kids grow up to be drivers. And I bet you the first time he runs someone over in a car he won't know why it happened. It reminds me of a quote from a movie "You need a licence to drive a car. You even need a licence to catch a fish. But they'll let any butt-reaming a&*hole be a father".

  2. I feel sorry for the kids teachers. They sould like typical candidates for ADPD (Attention Deficit Parenting Disorder).
  3. Now i know a little about reproduction... but thats no how ya do it.... :LOL:
  4. matters not ............... by the time their old enough to get licences .... the government will have banned cars and motorcycles anyhow .... and will have set up speed cameras to catch errant pedestrians
  5. Someone should beat those kids early so they learn when they get older :LOL:
  6. Too true.

    I think with parenting (Im married with no kids-that makes me an expert!)
    alot of doo gooders have alot to answer for, most parents cant discipline their kids even if they want too.

  7. :LOL: :LOL: You prefer the soft approch hey enforcer.
  8. Ummm... Were you all raised in bubblewrap? When I think back to my childhood I did much riskier things than ride a pushy in the safe surrounds of a park without a helmet and on the phone...
  9. Was that in the company of your parents or more "discreet" operations? :shock: You may of done it, but did you freely admit that it was you? :?

    I'll get back in my box now :wink:

    Firestorm. :D :) :D :) :D
  10. When I was a kid I rode a bike without a helmet plenty of time, and while I may not have had a mobile phone, I ate/drank/carried thigns while riding plenty too.

    Last time I checked I was a pretty competant driver/rider, and I have never run over anyone.

    People are getting way to cautious these days, by the time I'm as old as you lot, everyone will live their lives indoors for fear of getting hurt :roll:

    It's like that thread "when we were kids we had accidents, played in the mud, broke bones etc etc.

    Let's wrap the world in cotton wool so nothing bad ever happens aye
  11. Children will behave if they are brought up to behave. Simple. You give them simple rules and boundaries, and stick to them in every challenge.

    I have a 26 year old daughter and a 22 year old son, both of whom never once whined and carried on an act in the supermarket about what they could and couldn't have, never once said "no" in public in a voice loud enough for anyone to hear, and who are good citizens and a joy to our hearts.
  12. One day I was with Brother Eazy, off to see Hannibal. As I do. And there is a degree to which you need to be ready to expect anything with these sort of movies. We popped into the natural food store in Northcote and as it was afterschool time there were mothers with their children. Whilst standing at the counter I noticed a child of about 8 years of age grab his mother one gluteal in each hand, in much the same manner as perhaps his father would late at night. :shock: The mother protested but the child continued as they walked out the door.
    "You don't see much of that in Camberwell", I thought, well at least not in public.
  13. It's always "lead by example"

    If you swear in front of your kids, they swear.

    If you over-eat and get fat all your life, your kids are fat.

    If you have a racist attitude, your kids develop the same hatred.

    Just last night at the Harry Potter movie, a father and son both went to the toilet. Both walked straight out without washing their hands... Huzzah for e-choli!
  14. I'm with sickboy.

    Really who cares about a kid riding without a helmet. I rode all the time when I was a kid and I never wore a helmet. That's a modern safetycrat thing. Had heaps of stacks. You'd have to be gumby to land on your head in a push bike stack.

    The parents should be slapped up the side of the head for the mobile phone, however.
  15. wel i rode everywhere as a kid..(once i couls actually ride again) always had the hat on... bloody thankfull to.

    yo know those unexpected things called accidents.... they hurt... a lot......mud on the wheel going around a corner is not good ( same applies to motorbikes i beleive)

    these kids might be in a soft park area. but its the unexpected we try an protect against.

    ive seen enough damage done to human bodies to understand you can its the unseen things that will get you
  16. I came off a scooter when i was young (and pushie many times), hooking around a corner and lost it on a patch of gravel . No helmet or knee and elbow protection in those days . Went home crying my eyes out , mum patched me up and off i went again to defeat the same corner. Mum didnt pander to me , just be carefull is all i got . Has it changed me , no , i still cry but now i just run to my wife :LOL:
  17. Tell me about it!

    Our son was diagnosed late last year with "high functioning autism". He has a propensity to lash out violently at school (he's currently in grade 1)when he feels the world is caving in on him or when outside stimulii gets too much for him to handle.

    We once had the school almost apologise to us for physically restraining him to prevent him hitting a teacher.

    This stupid cotton wool syndrome this society of ours has created for itself means that teachers feel hamstrung when it comes to dealing with kids like William and defending themselves.

  18. Depends on the stack.

    A stackhat saved my life when I was a kid (ok, well early teens) when I was hit by a car head on when riding my 10-speed.

    Although I never wore a lid when I was younger and on my BMX. Lost lots of skin on my legs and arms in various crashes though. Macurachrome (sp?) was well known in our household :D
  19. It's good Dale that you're not on of those parents who want to sue the crap out of the school when a teacher so much as looks at your kid sideways. It's getting more and more common here in little America.

  20. i know a teacher who decked a kid in high school... he got off any charges as he was protecting his own safety...

    The kid had turned the oxy torch up so the flame wan about 1.5 feet long.... then proceeded to turn it on the teacher when he came over to tell him off.... wop and 1 unconcious student later.... was great to see though!