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I Blame Siwagod

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Statistic, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm Siwagod's housemate and his bike has been sitting in the garage, mocking me. I eventually had to book in a pre-learner course to soothe my jealous rage. Mind you, it's not for a month.

    Siwa wears a camera to and from work and I get treated to regular showings of the 'Ways Other People Nearly Killed Him' show. So let it be thus recorded that he is to blame if I die :)
  2. Get a scooter.
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  3. Welcome, and don't stress it.
    For all the shit he gives you, he still has to ride a Hyo every day, that is unique and inventive torture.
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  4. bromance (y)
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  5. Let's not have any scooteratti talk in here, Fella!
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  6. Yeah well at least I can drop my bike completely on it's side without it being held up by it's footpegs. You're fcuked if you ever need to slide under a truck trailer with an uzi running from bad guys and explosions.

    It's the only thing more insulting than a Hyo that I can think of.
  7. u got that wrong, other way round
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  8. Always got that back to front in the tests.
  9. Lol welcome mate - look forward to seeing ya on the road soon enough
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  10. Welcome you tragic:)
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  11. I've already had him spin around on my bike at Homebush in the middle of the night for a couple hours. Picked it up quick. Won't be long before he's on the Goonie rides.

    Think he's pretty much set on getting an enduro bike, so no doubt he'll end up just going straight through the bushland.
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  12. I can however mount a howitzer on my bars without affecting my handling.
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  13. ah so him & @Caz no 2 will have something in common

    or is it still too soon to joke about that? Lol ...MISS YOU N YA MAN CAZ !
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  14. He's made me watch Dust to Glory and some other enduro stuff lately. I too want one now.
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    Hey I thought we were going bush, you just didn't follow hehehe. :) :)

    Al says Hi crisis
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  16. i considered it then decided to just let my bike have a nap next to Al's (y)
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  17. #17 NightStar, Apr 16, 2013
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    Thought you were taking a shortcut, lm on a cruiser, everything's the long way around lol!

    Next time you go flying through the air - pull the chute!
  18. hey thanks for the welcome everyone. A month is forever :(

    It'll give me time to see if I can get my brother's VTR250 registered, though. And then I'll 'borrow' it
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