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I believe this is actually serious. Wow. Come cooking?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Nov 21, 2008.

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  2. Check the Lulu preview box - you can get in and see some of the recipes. It's been some time since I've actually found something on the internet revolting.
  3. LOL @ man-made oysters :LOL:
  4. As someone asked in another thread... WTF are you searching for to find this sh1t!
  5. WoW, thats seriously different!

    Don't think I'll be trying it anytime soon!
  6. Google Inc.
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    Phone: +1 650-253-0000
    Fax: +1 650-253-000

    November 21 2008

    Dear Mr "Loz"

    Re: Abuse of Google(TM) Search Engine

    It has recently come to our attention, whilst performing routine monitoring of our search engine, that serious abuse of the superior capabilities of our product has been carried out by yourself over a period of some time now. Yes, the Internet does in fact have a large number of strange and unpleasant things available to look at, however we must draw the line somewhere as to what we will permit our products to be utilised for.

    You sir have crossed this line.

    We therefore respectfully request that you cease and desist searching for such things as semen flavoured recipes, amateurish television productions of unattractive women discussing "penis power", and numerous other items too shocking for us to put into written form. Nevertheless, please be aware that we do in fact retain all records of searches performed with our product, and we are well aware of the depths to which you will go, and will if necessary, provide this information for our legal representatives to pursue the matter further.

    We trust that we have an understanding.

    Kind regards,

    The Google team.
  7. And as I replied in that other thread...

  8. 1 - 3 tablespoons, that's alot of semen for one recipe. What if you had to serve a table of 4! You'd be there all night.

    I suppose you could use it as a garnish, but the dispenser might put some people off...besides I don't really like to add salt at the table.
  9. Loz Headquarters
    3rd cubicle along
    Elsternwick Public Toilets

    Dear friends at Google

    Need I remind you of the first time my dear grandmother used your services and decided to search for great works of art by typing in "gallery?" The cavalcade of pornography that assaulted her thereupon was of such impact as to stop her wanting to use the internet at all until some years later.

    As to the appropriateness of what I may or may not be using your INTERNET-BASED search engine for, please allow me to refer you to a leading authority that might help you understand the business space you're operating in.

    In the light of this, I will not be ceasing my regular activities in the name of enlightenment and understanding. And if you think this is the worst that's out there, you are GRAVELY mistaken.

  10. id love to say wrong but im off to make lunch
  11. One of the worst things you can do with a bunch of Online mates is have a competition related to whom can find the worst shit on the net...

    This is nothing! Would you say "Icing on the Cake" :grin: :eek:
  12. Oysters?
  13. for the whole office
  14. You must have been saving up!
  15. been single for a while
  16. It'll be nice being able to leave the wheelbarrow at home.
  17. started storing it here so no real issue.
  18. Thanx Loz
  19. Oh... my... god :shock:
  20. That was fantastic! Eloquent and hilarious :LOL:

    Loz, I didn't know you worked for local government :LOL: