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I been inked!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by van, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. [img:500:375:65da3ba8b1]http://static.flickr.com/92/218266829_82fe575df4.jpg[/img:65da3ba8b1]

    Well, I finally got tattooed! The funny thing about it is that it's all at once everything you've been told, and nothing like what you'd been told. It's one of those many things in life that can't quite be explained, or appreciated without having undergone it yourself. So, I shan't bother to try! Suffice to say, it started out "ouch" and finished up with "wow, I'm kinda sad this is over!". You can read more about it on mine and Lorien's Livejournal.

  2. nice tat make sure you go back 3 weeks later and get it retouched up , dont use much cream either ..

    if netrider paid for me to get the netrider logo i will
  3. Why would it need retouching? I never had mine done, and it's ten years old.
  4. Yeah, retouching? I've heard of it being a good choice years down the track, but 3 weeks later?
  5. as the proud owner of a tattoo community, touch-ups are fairly common, especially on a tattoo that is lined and coloured in one go. skin swells, spots get missed due to this and blood etc. let it heal, dont over-cream it and evaluate. touch-ups arent always necessary but just wait and see. i have a gazillion hours of tattoo and only 1 touched up. depends on the artist too.
  6. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks man!

    PS. By community, do you mean online? Gots a link for moi?
  7. [img:500:375:6240a24bc6]http://static.flickr.com/92/218266829_82fe575df4.jpg[/img:6240a24bc6]
    Dude, the tank protector is supposed to go on the bike :shock:
  8. What is it supposed to be?
  9. What are you doing on Nov. 18th?
  10. nothing mr im up 4 it ! and i copyright this too , its promoting your site hehe

    tats dont come out picture perfect , better to get touched to make it abit brighter , wen i was working on the bikes at bike shop i keep hitting my frash tat and scabs came off , but re inking it is for free until there only colour left
  11. Well done and congratulations on doing it.

    I am tempted to do another one and have already drawn the design and printed it for the artist to do ... if I decide to have it done of course.

    New bike or new tat ?? ponders
  12. It's explained on the linked page :)
  13. You're a big Tetris fan?

    :p :LOL:
  14. Har har :p
  15. Definitely will go well with my red bike... :cool:
  16. Nice tatt Van, & love the reasoning behind it.
    Didnt know about the curse though lol must inform Mr Charmed.

    As for retouching, the only one I would say would need it out of the 4
    is the one on my ankle & thats @ least 12 yrs old.
  17. So, are we still on for this tattoo? Found an artist?
  18. 'ere you go...
    this is some of my latest ink, pics taken not long after.

    my arm

    the latest portion (caution, a little bit of blood)

    yeah, i'm famous...

    i have plenty, plenty more, but these are the most recent. be warned, it is addictive......

    if ever a NADS ride happens i will also get the logo :LOL:

    please note, if you dont like 'em, you dont have to wear them. these are mine and i love them. i have chosen to share therefore ctiticism wont be taken ;)
  19. I want a tatt, but I'm waiting until I'm atleast 25 so I'm certain on what I want.
    Seeing as I'll be stuck with it for life and all

    I want something neat looking and tribal, but I don't want something that means nothing, or means something that doesn't relate to me.

    So I'll wait half a decade or so and see if anything decent sticks in my mind.
  20. Yer vic i know plenty of tattoist , i was actually going to come melb for the long w/e but damn work in saturday. and i got another lip piercing too i have snake bites !